Chartered Accountants Stockport

A Good Chartered Accountant Can Be the Backbone of a Company

When you are involved in running your own business, there are many tasks you have to complete on a daily basis, that can be quite testing – and accounting if one such task. Some people find the legal requirements of the financial side of their business, and keeping accurate records quite testing – which is where a good accountant comes in. A good chartered accountants Stockport will be able to help you to ensure that the financial side of your business is well looked after, and can answer many of the questions you have in order to give you more clarity when dealing with financial decisions. So working with a good accountant will definitely help you to make a success of your business, but what is the difference between accountant and a chartered accountant and which one is right for you?

The main responsibilities of an accountant deal with the tasks of keeping an accurate financial record of individuals or businesses. Therefore, they need to be up to date with all the legal requirements that are in place regarding trade financial transactions so that they can ensure your business is operating within these guidelines and trading legally. Accountants are quite flexible in that they can choose where they work and with whom - with some choosing to work full time within a company setting, and others working on a more adhoc basis for individuals. Many people just use accountants for helping them with personal tax returns, but many accountants are also specialists in other areas such as retirement planning, investment options and estate planning as well.

Chartered Accountants Stockport on the other hand, don't just focus on tax but rather they take an overview of all the financial transactions of a business or an individual. This usually means that they have to undertake a more prolonged period of training than accountants do, with a postgraduate programme being completed after their University and then a further three years of mentoring as well. This means that Chartered Accountants are usually found in more corporate environments working for larger companies in industry or commerce.

The fact that Chartered Accountants Stockport works on a for-hire basis and provide a fee-based service to organisations in the public sector means that they can demand a higher salary. This is opposite to many accountants who have their own practice - as the services that Chartered Accountants offer tend to be more in demand than accountancy services.