Friday Focus-Admin Style


Quote for the Week

Looking Forward-Things You Need to Know

9/20 Registration for the "Solana Beach Movin' Challenge!" begins today! The Challenge actually doesn't start until September 30, but please encourage staff members to register and participate-You should have received an email from Susan Jensen with the flyer and additional information. This is a great way to build Community on your site and encourage Wellness in our district-and a little friendly competition between sites is always fun!

9/23 Principal Meeting-Substantive Topic: Budget 101 @ 2:30 (2:00 for New Principals)

9/23 Board Updates Due-Bullet Points. Past Events; Upcoming Events; and maybe a highlight from the month. KISS-Keep is Super Simple-Less is more-The Board has a lot to read!

9/26 ACSA Fall Gathering @ Casa de Bandini-The Forum-4:00

•Please be sure that each of your websites has a link to your "Code of Conduct" for students AND your Anti Bullying Pledge. If you need samples let me know on Monday at the Principal Meeting.

EduAwesome Drops in Our Bucket...

•Did you know that Jerry has a "New Student Lunch with the Principal" every fall? Boy, I bet those students feel special and welcomed!

•Do you do your staff meetings in teachers classrooms? If so, Stephan has a great twist-He has the teacher in that room take 3-5 minutes to "share" something from the visual cues in the environment, that they think their colleagues would be interested in learning about. (Great opportunity for "casual" vertical alignment conversation)

•Thank You Terry D. for bringing all of the Principals together and doing a last run through of the tech needs for Site Strategic Planning-not to mention providing a template for the slide presentations!

•A drop in the bucket for Susan Jensen-She facilitated an AWESOME Insurance Committee Meeting AND a FABULOUS Wellness Committee Meeting this week!

•Kudos to Tobie and her staff for taking an in depth look at their procedures for transitioning kiddos from the Kinder classrooms to Extended Day CDC classrooms at the sites. Safety is always our number one priority-And we are always looking at ways to keep our students safe!

Video of the Week

Time to Wonder-Lisa Highfill TedTalk

Lisa Highfill is a 5th grade teacher who presents at many conferences, including CUE.

This TedTalk takes the audience into her classroom and explains why it is so important to Engage Students in the learning process; Emphasize 21st Century Skills, Understand the SAMR model and strong Instructional pedagogy; the importance and value of Flipped Learning and why we must create classrooms that give students Time to Wonder and Explore. VERY POWERFUL! Not to mention that it hits on everything that we are focusing on in SBSD! Did she film this just for us?

Blogs, Tweets and Pins-Our Very Own PLN

  • Another great person to follow on twitter is Teach Like a Pirate-Dave Burgess @burgessdave
  • Timely Articles/links to send out to teachers:
How to Engage Parents Using Technology

5 Tips for Engaging Parent Volunteers in the Classroom

6 Ways to Motivate Students to Learn (from Mindshift-How We Learn Blog)

Final Thoughts to Ponder...

"It's not just about raising test scores, it's about raising human potential."

Teach like a Pirate (TLP) Dave Burgess ya think if we did this, that the test scores would improve?

just pondering...