Heat Pumps

?Lets Pump Up The Heat?

What Are Heat Pumps?

  • Heat pump is a device that transfer heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using mechanical energy, for example like a refrigerator.
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  • Electric heat pumps are efficient systems for cooling and heating your house. It takes warmth from the atmosphere or ground and multiple's that and then that heats your house. When the weather starts to warm up the pumps transfer the heat inside outside and that gives a cooling effect in the house and this saves energy usage for the air conditioner.
  • This heating and cooling system doesn't pollute the air like other heating systems like furnaces. It also doesn't create dry air when it creates heat and is cheaper than oil and gas boilers. They are also very reliable and have long life spans that are up to 50 years.
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  • Heat pumps are fairly hard to install and you need to do research before hand if this type of system is beneficial to your home or not. As well as they have a high start up price to install and have that heating and cooling system. (The average cost to install a heat pump can range from $3,949 to $6,701.)
  • It does take electricity to run heat pumps which means its not entirely carbon neutral but its more energy efficient then other heating systems.
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