Perseverance Newsletter

By: Sean Larkin


In life there will be some successes and some bad things that will happened to you but you have to learn to be able to fight through those adversities and not just give up and feel sorry for yourself!

Description-Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a Huge inspiration and Great historical figure. Winston was born in Great Britain in 1874. His childhood Wasn't the best experience, and he was usually very distraught because he was almost sick all of the time. He also didn't really have any parents. Also his nanny mainly was his caretaker..Throughout his life he has shown fortitude, perseverance, couragousness, and most importantly the will to go on. For example in World war 2 in the 1940 he was looked up to and viewed as a great person because of his earlier accomplishments in the first World war but once he was elected to be a very important person and leader throughout the United Kingdom during World War 2 he had a few struggles because so many people were looking his way and had very large expectations for him during the war with the Nazis of Germany and during this time there were many bad things that occurred but he showed perseverance and made it through to become known as one of the greatest leaders and people of all time. And this happened during arguably the most difficult times the whole world has seen. Now that’s perseverance! He also is known very well for his great perseverance in World War 1 and overcoming those tragedies. He was even shot!!!!! However, he is best known for is his just general perseverance and overcoming adversities in life he has had so many adversities and problems that he has had to overcome and risen to the occasion and has never backed down from a challenge. For example he has had many adversities all the way from his childhood where he didn't really have any parents just a nanny who cared for him. All the way to his older years in WWI and II with the nazis and those challenges. And even when he was older he faced many adversities such as breaking many bones and finally dying a slow horrible death.Winston Churchill once said, “Never give up Never Never Never!!!” From this quote, we know that he was a man that would never give up even if things looked horrible and that once you do give up you have not just given up on yourself but many others too and that hurts them also. But also the adversities he had to overcome to get to where he needed to be to become Winston Churchill. As you can see Winston showed great resilience and never gave up!!!
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Cause and Effect- Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a very brave and courageous man. He was known to have persevered through all of the difficulties in his life and known to always come out on top. And he did not only do this in baseball but throughout his entire life! In life he was always being rejected and sent down just because of the color of his skin. For example in the story "The Noble Experiment" he tells us that it all started when he was eight and a girl smaller than him called him a bad word! And on that day when it all started he was mad and scared but not nearly mad or scared as much as he would be in later years and later that is what he learned to hold in and stay calm on the baseball field or he would probably be thrown out of the game or the league just because he is supposedly different than everyone else. All in all Jackie was known to have changed baseball and changed the world even though the odds weren't on his side.


As you can see we can learn many things from others including these special people that I have listed above for example...Elanor Roosevelt has had so many adversities that she almost quit on herself but that teaches others to never give up on themselves because since she never gave up she became one of the most popular women ever to live and made a huge difference in the world!!! Also Winston Churchill made huge differences in the world and so did Jackie Robinson in the civil rights movement.