How doses music effect people?

By skyla zych

Music's affect on the human body

Summary: music has been shown to help people to ignore things. It can can also help regulate your blood pressure, equalize brain waves, heart rate and breathing.

Quote: 'it's a wonder why most people don't realize that music helps them that much'

'But more people should fully understand that music might be the reason they haven't been sick in a year, or why they have such low blood pressure for the way they eat.'

How dose music affect our behavior?

Summary: Angry music such as rock, heavy metal and so on can rise you blood pressure and make you angry. Where as calm music and relax you and slow your heart.

Quote: 'Music tastes change, as a person gets older and heads into a more mature way of life. But the "innocent music" which they listened in there teens has has given way to new horrors for their children for they need more stronger music to relate to. Their children now have their favorite bands, songs, and genres of music which grates on their ears.'