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Fighters take the challenge

J.K Rowling Fights in her early author years and her late years

J.K Rowling was very successful in her early author years and in her late author years of writing Harry Potter. She fought for fame, success and a good life for her daughter. Rowling was always inspired to write by an author named Elizabeth Goudge, who wrote the book 'The Little White Horse'

In Rowling's first years of being an author her first 3 books were 1,2, and 3 in the top sellers. Responses to her books reached their highest point of development. J.K Rowling's 4th book was the fastest selling book in all of history.

In Rowing's later years of writing the Harry Potter series she moved to Portugal to teach English, There she met and married Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes. Rowling later divorced Arantes and was left as a single mother. She was doing everything she could to support her daughter and herself on welfare. She decided it was a good time to start writing the next book of the series. After being faced with many rejections Rowling didn't give up trying, she eventually sold her book. Faced with many adversities In her early author life and in her late author life she always found a way to fight for her needs.

The amazing Disney was formed...

Walt Disney's life started out on December 5th 1901. On December 6th 1911, The Disney's moved to Kansas City. In Kansas Walt attended grammar school, There he met the Pfeiffers who introduced Walt and his sister to motion pictures, Soon after that Walt was spending more time at the Pfeiffer's than at home. 7 short years after, Walt dropped out of school to join the army. He was soon rejected when the army found out he was underage. Two years later in 1920, in Pesmen-Rubin, Disney created adds for magazines, newspapers, and movie theaters. Here he met a cartoonist by the name of Ubbe Iwerks. In 1923, Disney's cartoon became popular though out the state of Kansas. His cartoons where presented as "Newman Laugh-o grams". January 1st 1924, was the day Disney set up his first cartoon studio in hollywood, Disney and his brother pooled all their money into it. Can you imagine taking such a big risk! Plane Crazy, The title of his first animation, short with mickey. Failing to find a follow up for plane crazy, Disney then created a cartoon Mickey with steamboat wille sound. The Mickey Mouse series was a success, the follow up was a series of musical shorts named Silly Symphonies, witch were released in 1929. Iwerks drew most of Disney's animation in 1928-1929. Disney received his first academy word in 1932. More characters were added to the Mickey mouse series, The characters that we see today. Disney introduced the seven dwarf in a scene of the original snow white trailer in 1937. Later on in 1939 Disney was able to build a new Disney studio campus of off the success of snow white. You all know about Disneyland, don't you? well, Disneyland opened 60 years ago, in 1955 was when magic happened! The next year, magic did not happen. Walt died on November 2nd 1966. He died in pre-surgery x-rays. Doctors later found out Disney was a chain smoker and he had lung cancer. Disney has mad a huge impact on our lives today, if it wasn't for his combative attitude we would not be able to have such great kids programs to share with generations and generations to come.

Nick Vujici solution to life

Nick was born in 1982, he was born a healthy baby despite the fact that he had no arms or legs, only 2 feet. Nick was faced with many troubles while growing up. At age eight nick was being bullied and he went into severe depression and eventually he tried to harm himself, then at age 10 the depression got worse and nick tried to drown himself in a bathtub. He soon stopped himself when he remembered how much he loved his parents, he also believed god had a plan for him. The main problem was not how kids bullied him, it was how Nick didn't have any arms or any legs and there was nothing he could do about it...So people thought... nick soon learned ways he could be happy with his life just the way it was. Nick was eager to fight and so he did, now nick can do many things such as playing drums, throwing a tennis ball, getting a drink, brushing his teeth, golfing, swimming , skydiving, and many more incredible things. At age 17 nick started public speaking and doing fundraisers, this helped him to teach people and himself how to be happy. Nick only really had one solution, eager to learn and to fight.

Bethany Hamilton's life changing moment and after effets

Bethany has been able to surf since she was 5, surfing was her whole life. By her teenage years she would win competition after competition. The dream of becoming a professional surfer was finally accomplished, she did not know that this accomplished dream could be broken. Just like any other morning 13 year old Bethany woke up at 5 A.M and headed for the beach. There she met a few friends, they all paddled out and waited for some good waves to hit. Bethany had her arm dangling in the water, witch attracted some unwanted attention. Out came the water a tiger shark and bit off her arm. Bethany didn't she the shark coming, neither did any of her surfing friends. Bethany was able to remain clam (can you imagine remaining clam? I sure can't!), she said she thinks not seeing the sharked helped to clam her nerves. Her reaction saved her life, she already lost a lot of blood if she had moved suddenly she would have lost more.

Losing her arm led to many things. Days after the incident she had to go through many surgeries, and many painful recoveries. She would worry about the future and if she had to give up what she loved. Although Bethany wanted to fight and try and surf again she was still faced with many difficulties such as worrying too much about sharks, trying to surf with one arm and people's reactions. Bethany was put through all of this pain because of one shark, but the shark didn't stop her. Bethany knew if she wanted something she had to fight for it. "One of the most beautiful things that came from the accident is how it has allowed me to see that i can overcome difficult things." -Bethany Hamilton (experience life)

Bill Gates

What encouraged Bill?

Bill Gates grew up in a warming household with loving parents and siblings. At school Bill realized he had an interest in computers. later in Bill's life he was accepted into Harvard.

Why did Bill drop out of Harvard?

Bill went to Harvard, going into law. When he was at school he spent more time on the computers than in a lab. Gates passed, on barley any sleep and barley any studying. Gates had a friend named Paul Allen, who dropped out of school and moved to Boston. Bill went to visit him and they both checked out a computer kit. They were both fascinated wiyh what a computer could create. Gates and Allen contacted the owner of the company, the boys said they were creating a new software. MITS (company) were willing to try it out. Bill spent months writing the new software in the Harvard lab. It was a success. MITS hired Allen, Bill soon left Harvard to work with him. They formed a partnership called Micro-soft.

Microsoft and it's success

The Microsoft company started off shaky and didn't meet their overheads. Although basic Microsoft was popular, only about 10% of people who used it actually paid for it. Gates thought that "free" software would prevent quality software from being made. Bill wrote a letter about his beliefs, although his letters was unpopular he still fought. Allen and bill sued MITS to retain their software rights. Microsoft was moved to Washington, there all the 25 employees had responsibilities. Gates placed himself at the head of this company, which later earned $2.5 million. As the company grew other popular companies began to grow too. IBM (company) was looking for software that would work on PC, they then looked towards Microsoft. The problem was that Microsoft hadn't made the basic operating system that could run on IBM's computers, but Microsoft didn't tell IBM about this when they made a deal with them. When IBM found out they sued Microsoft, but Microsoft didn't admit to doing anything wrong. Gates had to work for IBM PC he delivered it for $50,000. Later Microsoft released a new software, witch allowed Microsoft to operate on Apple machines. Microsoft's growth exploded enormously, it was being used worldwide, Revenue shot up millions of dollars. Microsoft continues to grow today!Thanks for Bill Gates not giving up and persevering the computer you are on right now probably runs the amazing Bill Gate's invention... Microsoft.

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