Next Season Starting Soon !

Monday & Thursday Night Netball

Registration is now open

Netball4all are now taking registrations for the next Social Netball season starting 20th May. So don't forget to get your team or individual registration form in now. Teams may be limited, so its important that you make contact with us asap.

Game Fees

Registration fees are $20 per person and game fees are $700 per team or $100 per individual. A Team Registration form is required to put your team into the draw. Individual registration forms are only required for new players that have not completed a form for 2013.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries about the new season starting, just make contact with us.

Court upgrades are due to be finished soon, however, we may have to play 3 timeslots in the first 2 weeks of the season until the top courts are ready for use. Once the courts are available, we can revert back to 2 timelots at 7pm and 8pm.