The World of Paul Revere

Shivani T.

The British Are Coming!

Early Life

Paul Revere was very occupied in his early life because of all the jobs he had. For instance, he worked dilligently with his father to become a silversmith. Paul also woked as a minute man to bring messageses to the other colonies ( with lots of exertion ) about how they were being treated with the British. Revere also worked as a political cartoonist. Plus, he joined the Sons of Liberty. This is how Paul Revere showed dilligence in his early life.

Paul's Contributions

Paul Revere contributed big time to help the United States. For instance, he warned the Patriots and other people that the Red Coats were coming. He also helped the Patriots win the Revolutionary War. There are many museums and statues to honer his contributions. That's why Paul Revere is famous.

Character Traits

One reason Paul is a historical figure is because of all of his positive character traits. Paul Revere was very brave because he warned the people the British were coming to the colonies and he knew he could be caught. He demonstrated diligence by working endlessly as a silversmith. He also valued liberty and freedom so he joined the Sons of Liberty.The way Paul Revere used his life and what he did is why he is famous and known to everyone!