Sarah Crawford

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History of the Sport

18th Century: Games like rounders and cricket were played

September 1845: New York Knickerbocker Club is founded, and these men decided on rules that shape modern baseball

1846: The Knickerbockers play their first game

1857: The National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP) is formed

1871: First professional baseball league is founded

1876: National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs is formed, focuses on clubs rather than players, so that clubs can have player contracts

1900–1919: Dead Ball Era - popularity increased, and many new parks were built

1919: Black Sox Scandal - 8 players were banned for taking money in exchange for fixed games

1920: Negro National League is founded

1921: First radio broadcast of a baseball game

1923: Eastern Colored League is founded (these leagues were not very successful, they were inconsistent)

1933: First All-Star Game

1943-1954: All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

1947: Jackie Robinson is the first black player in the major leagues after over 50 years

1958: Expansion Era begins (the Dodgers and Giants move from New York to California)

1970s-Today: Marketing and Hype Era (game attendance increases, televised games also become popular, steroids become an issue)

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Role in Society

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