ACS PowerUp Digital Badging Program

Communicating & Celebrating Professional Learning

Why Digital Badging?

Learning today takes place everywhere! Gone are the days when attending a face-to-face training is a requirement for learning something new. Teachers in Athens City are learning 24/7 utilizing resources such as YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Teachers are adding daily to the list of tools that can be used to impact student learning and engagement.

Many ACS teachers have even become "resident experts" with different tools such as Google or Canvas. Wouldn't it be great to know who the "go-to" people are for a new tool or app you'd like your students to try? Digital badging showcases teacher learning and expertise for parents, students, and our entire ACS learning community. This is a great way we can continue learning from each other.

The goal of the PowerUp Digital Badging Program is to COMMUNICATE & CELEBRATE the commitment that ACS teachers have to lifelong learning. Our hope is that these badges will serve as a model to students that learning is something to celebrate. We also hope to validate the time our ACS teachers spend growing as educators.

What Are Digital Badges?

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ACS PowerUp Digital Badging Categories

ACS PowerUp badges may be earned in the following six categories: leading, collaborating, learning, building expertise, sharing, and empowering others. Badge icons and colors may vary, but the badge shape will always communicate the type of badge being awarded. Which types of badges will you add to your collection?

How does the PowerUp Badging Program Work?

Beginning Your Badge Collection!

The PowerUp Badging Program will work on the honor system. Browse through the badges and if you've met the requirements for a badge, please "help yourself" to it by clicking the CLAIM NOW button.

Don't be shy! Take advantage of this opportunity to show the world what you are learning both on and off the clock.

Watch this quick video to learn more about getting started:
ACS Digital Badging

A Few of the Badges Available Now:

Showcase Your Learning!

Showcasing digital badges earned can be done both electronically (in your email signature or webpage) and in print (posted where students and others can see). Showcasing your badges provides students the opportunity to see teachers as lifelong learners. It's also a great way to let parents know we are continuing our learning in order to provide the best education possible for the students in our community.

All of the available ACS badges can be found in a shared folder (linked below) for downloading and printing.

Want to PRINT your badges? Find them here!

We are working to add images of all available badges to this folder for ACS teachers. Feel free to save a digital copy or print them to display from this shared folder. :)

What is missing? Suggest a badge!

Want to start a digital badging program for your students?

See your Instructional Technology Coach to learn more about setting up a digital badging program for the students in your classroom. We'd love to help you showcase student learning also!