Preprimary News

January 15, 2016


Highlights of our Castle study week includes:

  • Making and decorating our own crowns
  • Having Mr. Luna and Mr. Mease help us assemble our own huge castle in the Dramatic Play area. The kings, queens, knights and princess are enjoying dressing up, cooking up feasts and riding horses together
  • Designing our own castles with stickers and markers. Dictating stories about their project was a treat too
  • Using small figurines of kings, queens, knights and even a fire-breathing dragon to imagine and create castle adventures together

Dr. Martin Luther King Day

To learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, this week we read the book, Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King by Jean Marzollo. We talked about peace, being kind and fair.

During Music we learned the beautiful song and hand motions of: I've Got Peace Like a River. Today PP joined the whole school singing it at Friday Morning Meeting. Have your child teach it to you!