Financial Planner

in Barboursville, WV

Selecting the Right Financial Planner in Barboursville, WV

Finding the right financial planner in Barboursville, WV is not always a simple, straightforward undertaking. There are many different types of personal financial planner, and they are not government regulated. There are particular things you need to watch out for, and it is critical to know which type best suits your personal needs. Financial planners are regulated by what services or products they sell, so it is important to know what your personal needs are before hiring one. Some are estate planners, others chartered accountants, some are even stockbrokers. The summaries below will help you to decide which is for you, the best financial planner in Barboursville, WV.

Barboursville, WV Financial Planner Types

Do you know the difference between investment advisor, and personal financial strategist? This is the sort of terminology you’ll need to become familiar with before hiring a financial planner in Barboursville, WV. Many financial planners specialize in a particular area such as estate planning or securities trading, so the type of planner you hire will depend on your personal financial goals. Some planners offer comprehensive service, and are a one stop shop for all your needs. Generally they are the more expensive, but at least you can conduct all your business in one place, with one person.

Having one person supervise your entire portfolio has its benefits, but so does hiring specialists. Hiring an accountant for instance will most likely get you the best results when dealing with tax issues. Make sure if you hire an accountant as your financial planner in Barboursville, WV, that they hold a CPA qualification. Another example would be hiring an insurance agent as a planner. Some insurance agents have additional qualifications as personal financial planners. The benefit of hiring a person with such qualifications is that they can advise you on financial matters, and sell you insurance products.

An estate planner is also an option when looking for a financial planner. They are experts on matters of estates, and are especially useful when dealing with planning and taxation issues. Other specialists include trust bankers, lawyers, personal planners, and investment advisors. An investment advisor in Barboursville, WV is a financial planner who is certified to give securities advice. Make sure they are registered with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) or the relevant state organization though.

Some investment advisors can advise you about securities investment, but are not licensed to sell you securities. Only brokers can sell securities. Stockbrokers are licensed to trade securities, stocks, and bonds, and generally paid by earning commissions on your investments. They must be registered with FIRA (Federal Industry Regulatory Authority), so ask to see their qualifications and proof that they passed the exam before signing anything with them.

You can find a wealth of financial planners in your local Yellow Pages, but before you do make sure you are clear as to what you want to accomplish financially. That way you’ll be able to narrow down the field before selecting the right financial planner in Barboursville, WV for you.