Portion Control!

By: Krystal Halman

Cardio Information!

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that elevates your heartrate for an extended period of time. It's more important for your general health than lifting weights. Cardio helps you lose fat, feel better, and look better! It can take years to gain muscle but in a month you can look more muscular by losing fat. Body fat makes the body round and shapeless which hides the muscles. Cardio does not burn muscle and it can also help you gain muscle.
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Teen Nutrition

Teen nutrition is the same as adult nutrition except that you have to eat more. Teens have a higher basic metabolic rate than adults and they are typically more active. Also, teenagers bodies are still growing and it takes calories to grow big and tall. Teen nutrition is the same as everyones where healthy is healthy. Teens should do the best they can to avoid fried, greasy, and sugary food.
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How To Make A Body Building Nutrition Plan

1. Determine how many calories you need per day.

2.Decide weather you are going to be cutting, bulking, or gaining muscle and losing fat.

3.Decide on how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you want.

4.Calculate your budget

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