Sticky Fingers

Gloria Meleqi

Story Elements

My book Sticky Fingers takes place during present day.

The main conflict in the story is her boyfriend Scott preshering Jenna and trying to get her to relax enough to sleep with him.

The book begins with Jenna being accepted into Harvard and her boyfriend Scott didn't.

Character Analysis

The main character is Jenna. three words to describe the main character are smart, scared, and unconfident. The character is motivated by her self in a way, always working her hardest to acheave. her best friend because she hooked up with her boyfriend already and Scott pressuring her to sleep with him.


The theme of the novel is teen drama and peer presser . One example that supports the theme is school work and grades overload on Jenna. Another example is Scott pressuring her. A third example from the book is Jenna's Bestfriend stealing. A final example that supports theme is early admissions to Harvard.


I rate this book a 5 because it was a fun read but with a predictable ending.Teens can defferently connect to this novel because it is littererly about teens and there struggle with peer presser and drama.