Marine (saltwater) Biome

Kacee Campbell 4P

Weather, Climate, and Landforms

Average temperature: 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Precipitation: Evaporation of seawater provides rainwater for the land.

Mountains: Mid-ocean ridge.

Bodies of water: The marine biome makes up 75% of the Earth including the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, and Southern oceans.

Canyons: Trenches; Marianas Trench.

Islands: All landforms surround the biome, including islands.

Plants and Animals

Animals- Consisting of: Mollusks, fish, whales, crustaceans, bacteria, fungi, sharks, and sea anemones. The Blue Whale happens to be the largest animal on Earth.

Plants- Associated with the particular zones of the biome. Coral reefs, algae, and seaweeds are a few, however some plants are not visible to the naked eye.

Limiting Factors of the Marine Biome

Size of population, climate, and food sources.

Biotic: Any living organism within the Marine Biome.

Abiotic: Nonliving factors that affect organisms, like Salinity.

Ecological Concerns and Issues

Oil spills, dumping trash and toxic wastes into the ocean is a big issue for the Marine Biome. Many animals get tangled in nets and fishing wire, as well as the plastic that goes around pop cans. There is a group called "Greenpeace" trying to save endangered animals of the ocean.