The Desert

Leah, Thomas, and Elimane

The Average Temperature

  • Many mean annual temperatures range from 20-25° C
  • Extreme maximum temperature range from 43.5-49° C
  • Minimum temperatures could possibly drop to -18° C

Average Yearly Rainfall

  • very low and concentrated
  • rainfall in America is almost 25 cm. a year
  • inland Sahara receives less than 1.5 cm a year.
  • sometimes when rain starts falling it evaporates before touching the ground


  • long roots
  • small leaves
  • water storing stems
  • prickly spines (discourage animals from touching or eating them.)
  • cactus's
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  • located between 15' and 35' latitude
  • both north and south of equator
  • most deserts are located within the Southeastern and Northeastern trade winds belt

Fun Facts

  • Around one third of the Earth's surface is covered in deserts.
  • Only around 20% of the deserts on Earth are covered in sand.
  • The largest cold desert on Earth is Antarctica.
  • The largest hot desert on Earth is the Sahara.\
  • They contain large mineral compists.
  • This biome could be found on every continent except Europe


  • warm throughout fall and spring
  • very hot during the summers
  • in the winter there is little rainfall

Soil Type

  • course-textured
  • gravely
  • shallow
  • rocky


  • armadillo
  • aardwolf
  • caracal
  • dunnart
  • crane fly
  • hedgehog
  • rattlesnake
  • cobra
  • tit
  • python
  • stink bug
  • ant