Paul Klee

60 years

BackRound History

He was born Müchenbuchsee near Berne, Switzerland. Paul Klee was born to a German father who taught music at the Berne-Hofwil teacher's college and a Swiss mother trained as a professional singer. Encouraged by his musical parents, he took up violin at age seven. His parents wanted him to pursue a musical career, but Klee decided he would have more success in the visual arts, a filed in which he could create rather than just perform.

Art Movement

No he was not the creator of his art movement, but he made an impact in the Abstract Expressionists, and also Color Field Painters. Klee's artistic legacy has been immense even if many of his successors have not referenced his work openly as an apparent source or influence. He influenced everyone to do a little better with all of their art work also.

Castle and Sun

Behind this painting, it is said that he just wanted to do something with the sun and the view of the city in it. He said he always loved the thought of castles with suns in the back around. He said he had to do it a few times before he got it right where he liked it at. Many artist say it takes a few try's, but life is full of trial and error!