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Celebrating Excellence in the Class of 2019

Ryan Norton

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About Ryan:

Ryan Norton is recognized for being a positive, kind, and highly accomplished member of the RMHS Class of 2019.

Ryan has an excellent academic record that reflects a strong commitment to his work during the school day. His favorite class at the moment is Ms. Crosby’s Honors Storywriting class. Ms. Richardson, Ryan’s poetry teacher from first semester, has had the pleasure of working with Ryan in several different capacities. Ms. Richardson says, “I've had Ryan for four years - as a freshman in Advisory, as a sophomore in English 10, as a senior in Honors Poetry, and all four years in The Playwriting Club. Whether he was writing an essay about poet Mary Oliver's work, a sonnet about social issues, or a one act play examining relationships, Ryan cares about writing. Ryan has written, directed, and acted in multiple one act plays for the student playwriting showcase at RMHS all four years. For the past two years in a row, the artistic director of Boston Playwrights' Theatre has chosen Ryan's one act play to be put on at BPT with equity directors and actors. It is rare to be honored with this accolade once let alone two times in one's high school career, and it is a true testament to Ryan's talent in crafting a story that resonates with people.” Ms. Richardson also gives Ryan the highest praise for what he does to make the classroom environment a welcoming and fun one.

Ryan has been an active participant in the vocal music and dramatic arts offerings at RMHS since his freshman year. This year he is a leader among our students by serving as the secretary and librarian of the Mixed Choir. Miss Killian describes Ryan as a joy to work with in the chorus room. In that space Ryan has honed his voice, musicianship and confidence to levels that have earned him recognition outside of RMHS. For example, he auditioned for and was accepted to the Northeast Senior District Music Festival, and he participated in the Mass ACDA Chorus Festival at UMASS Amherst where he performed in an ensemble that presented Schubert’s Mass in G.

Ryan plans to study musical theater performance in college, which is no surprise given the time and energy he has spent on the boards of the Endslow Performing Arts Center. His four years in the RMHS Drama Club have been full of great memories and packed houses. Ryan offered memorable performances in two fall musicals: last year, he was The Leading Player in Pippin; and, this past November, he was Sky in Mamma Mia. One of Ryan’s final roles in the RMHS Drama Club will be one of his most ambitious and rewarding roles. This very weekend, the curtain will rise on the RMHS production of Selfie, with Ryan serving as the director. This is the culmination of a long process that began with Ryan writing a proposal, refining his vision with Ms. Cunha, and ultimately working with mentor Ms. Katie Donovan to bring the play to life. We wish him and his cast and crew the best of luck this weekend, and we encourage all of you to attend Selfie and maybe give Ryan a well-deserved high five after the show.

Favorite Class: Storywriting with Ms. Crosby

Activities/Clubs/: RMHS Drama Club (4 years), RMHS Mixed Choir (3 years), Select Choir (2 years), Playwriting Club (4 years)

Plans for after High School: Studying Musical Theater Performance in College

Favorite Thing about RMHS: “It’s provided me with a multitude of opportunities in both the scholastic and artistic areas of the school.”