Abraham Lincoln was NOT a Hero!

Braking news abou the president of the Civil War times!

Lincoln has a second side...!

Abraham Lincoln is not a hero because he helped people who had slaves to get their slaves back, and so the enslaved people were not free anymore. Lincoln was non-heroic because he didn't believe that everyone had equal rights. Everyone of different races has equal rights, but he does believe they should be free. he only helped to free slaves when it was really necessary. Another reason why Lincoln isn't really hero-worthy is because he was racist. He told racist jokes, but that's because he, in a way, grew up in a racist, segregated environment. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin, which means he wasn't wealthy growing up. He didn't care to stand up to slavery and segregation for about 30 years. He had many chances, but he never tried to stop it all. When Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, he wanted the slaves from the south freed when the north wins, but almost no one listened to him. They kept the slaves away from freedom.