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September 2015


  • Please wait to upgrade to Windows 10 until you receive further instructions. If you've already done this and are not having issues, it's fine.
  • Look for information coming about AIMS Web. This is the universal screener that will be given school wide to determine RtI needs for our students.

In Case You Missed It...

Here's a link to our Town Hall meeting from 8/28 where we talked about class connects:

TNVA Strong Start

Be sure to check out our Strong Start website often! Outings will be posted here as soon as they are available. Our first outing is scheduled for October 9th!

What to Do During an Outage

Instructional time is an important part of the education that we provide to our students. This year, we will be implementing a new process that allows students to continue important work even if there is an outage with the OLS or Blackboard Collaborate. Please check your kmail for specific instructions on steps to follow during an outage.

We have developed a website for students to visit with many instructional links. Please check it out and visit the site any time for resources:

Praise Box!

We hear so many great stories from you all about what your child is learning, a great project that they just completed, a wonderful experience with a teacher, etc. We want to be able to collect these comments to share with our teachers! Positive praise lifts us all up! If you have something happy to share, please take the time to share it below. Save this link because this box will be open for you to share your praises all year!
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Join Us on September 23rd

The topic most often requested by K12 parents and learning coaches, is Behavior Strategies for Learning Coaches. In this online workshop, we’ll explore strategies for working with your children, reducing conflict, and helping your students make better choices. Get tips to try at home, and an opportunity to follow-up and tell us how things are working. You can do this, and we’re here to help! Sign up HERE.
Presented by Dr. Gary Smith, K12

Learning Coach FAQs

Why OLS does not match up to the pacing/order/standards we are covering in CC? It’s very confusing.

The OLS curriculum was written and developed by K12, Incorporated. It was not developed specifically for our state. Our students are tested on TN State Standards and their performance on these assessments will ultimately decide whether or not our school is allowed to remain open. Our teachers are highly trained in our state's standards and are making sure that they are covered in class connect sessions. Sometimes, there is a good match to the OLS curriculum and sometimes there isn't. It's almost like having a textbook that doesn't really meet all your standards. Our teachers have to decide what to use and what not to use.

Can teachers mark off lessons complete for us?

Yes! If you have trouble finding the lessons to mark complete, please reach out to your teacher and they can help with that.

Will you show us how to use File Share in the OLS?

Absolutely! File share is an excellent tool for teachers and learning coaches to use in order to submit and view authentic work. Please view this document with directions on how to use fileshare:

How Do I File Transfer in Blackboard?

Sometimes teachers will send you documents inside a class connect session. Sometimes your teacher may ask for you to send a document through Blackboard. This is how you do it:

When Do We Need to Submit a Note?

If your child misses a full day of school, you will need to submit an excuse. You may use 5 parent notes throughout the year. After that, you will be required to submit a doctor's note to receive an excused absence.

If you have a one off situation and need to miss a class connect session during the day, communicate this to the teacher's whose session you will be missing.

Jen Havens, Academic Administrator

Tamra Lanning, Academic Administrator

Jennifer Martinez

Jennifer Martinez is the Family Engagement Coordinator. She serves as a liaison to the school's parent organization (PSO) and offers training to parents and teachers on improving communication and engagement. Jennifer serves as the first point of contact for any school related questions or concerns.

Her office ours are open from 8-10am EST Monday-Friday at the website below.