My future job

The kind of work i would do, and work environment.

I would pretty much be doing math and science all day in a laboratory in inside an office building. I would probably be working in an observatory or try to be an observer. I would find new planets, and study their light using a spectroscope. and to find the new planets i'd use a telescope (on the ground of course). I would also be studying cosmic, X, and Radio Waves. Lastly i would be making theories about what could happen to planets in our solar system.

Working with people and doing things my my hands and head.

I would be working with people if I was stationed in an office. But in an observatory I would not really be working with people, or not a lot at once. I also would be working with my hands with knobs and trinkets to help me find new stars and planets. I would also have to use my head to figure out distance and light amount in stars.


Interesting Facts

Scientists thought the milky way was 100 light years in diameter, Until a few months ago. Astronomers found out that it's acualy double the size it was found to be.