Is Homeopathy Just Water?

For 200 years, homeopathy claims to be totally diluted. These treatments, which are discovered by a German physicist, Samuel Hahnemann, are known to be composed of different substances which cleanse the inner root cause of an ailment and have earned millions of followers across the world as of today.

The practice of homeopathy may be a cause of complaints to many. As a lot of people have treated homeopathy as something which offends the practice of scientifically-based medicines, the practice continues to thrive. One thing is clear to many of its patrons as emphasized by the Peterson Group, one of the sources of information on alternative medicines: Homeopathy, like other alternative medicine systems, does not, cannot, must not grow, evolve, or improve as we learn more about the human body. If it did adapt to new knowledge, it would cease to be homeopathy and would be something different.

Yet, as the world is changing, a lot of doubts are cast into the present state of homeopathic treatment.

Food and Drug Administration had just recently reviewed the regulations regarding the practice of homeopathy in the United States. With the changing phase of the world, there are numerous questions as to whether homeopathy managed to remain the same.

FDA once reasoned out that they were not able to strengthen the principles and implement proper security protocol on homeopathic medicines because of pressure from the public. With the same pressure, homeopathy is currently being scrutinized and questioned.

The implication here is that homeopathy might harm some people and cause "adverse events or side effects" even though it's just water, according to the FDA. This clearly makes no sense, but neither does much of what the FDA claims about natural healing protocols for which it hasn't yet extorted "user fees" in exchange for sacramental approval as "safe and effective."

It might seem reasonable not to require safety testing, since most homeopathic preparations have “little or no active ingredients.” That has, in fact, been the core criticism of anyone with the slightest bit of scientific literacy and common sense. Homeopathic pills are literal placebos – nothing but sugar and water. So why bother testing for safety?

When the issue of dilution is still in the hot seat, another question surfaces: Homeopathy is widely accepted throughout Europe and Asia as proven by clinics in Jakarta, Indonesia and France, Italy: why won't American medicine drop the hate?

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