By: Adina Howard

Political Situation

The unique political situation of Puerto Rico within the US is common wealth, Common wealth relates to the governing of a nation or state by another republic, which in this case is the US.

Facts About Puerto Rico

-Puerto Rico's most popular sport is Baseball.

-Puerto Rico's national animal is the Coqui, which is a small frog that can be found all throughout the island.

-The capital of Puerto Rico, which is San Juan, population is about 2.73 million people. It's current population as of now is 3, 767, 692 and counting!


About These Places

El Yunque is a National Forests that receives up to 240 inches of rain per year. It is the rainiest forest of all the National Forests. The forest receives more that 100 billion gallons of rain each year. 75% of the Puerto Rico forest is here.

Castillo de San Cristobal is is a Spanish fort in San Juan. It's reason for being built was to protect against attacks on San Juan. When finally finished in 1783, it covered about 27 acres of land and today it is known as a National Park Service.

The Arecibo observatory is a astronomical observatory located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It is the most powerful radar-radio telescope in the world and has even been included in a few movies such as GoldenEye (1995) and Contact (1997).

Parque de la Ceiba is a park which is located in barrio San Antón, Ponce, Puerto Rico. The park gets it's name from it's centerpiece which is the Ceiba Tree. The has been standing for over 500 years and is associated with the finding of the city.

El Morro is and has been a popular campsite for many of years. There are over 2,000 carved signatures, dates, messages and petroglyphs found here.


Puerto Rico's currency is the US Dollar