Updates from Mrs. Froning

February 25, 2022

The purpose of the Oakley Park learning community is to ensure social- emotional development for all students so they can reach their full academic and personal potential.

24 Hr Attendance Line: 248-956-4190

Oakley Park School Times

Drop off: 8:50 AM

First Bell: 8:55 AM

Tardy Bell: 9:00 AM
Dismissal: 4:00 PM
1/2 Day Dismissal: 12:25 PM

Staggered Dismssal times:

3:45 pm begin calling Owl Pick Up numbers & Student sign out

3:56 pm Walkers & Prime time and first of three bus numbers

3:58 pm continue calling bus numbers and student names

4:07 Buses depart from Oakley Park

*Owl Pick Up numbers and student names will continue to be called throughout the dismissal period.

Transportation Update Feb. 28 - Mar 4

Starting the week of February 28 - March 4, all Oakley Park buses/routes will be running!

On behalf of Mr. Gutman

Dear WLCSD Families:

As you know, last week the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) announced they will be rescinding their Emergency Order for Pandemic Control (2021-1) from August 2021 which required schools to implement universal masking. This change will take effect on Monday, February 28, 2022.

As the OCHD has determined that universal mask wearing is no longer necessary in schools, effective Monday, February 28, the Walled Lake Consolidated School District (WLCSD) will no longer require universal mask wearing in our school buildings and offices.

Please review the following information related to this update:

  • Isolation/Quarantine - At this time, OCHD’s isolation guidelines will still be in effect despite the change in masking requirements. COVID-19 positive students and staff will still need to isolate themselves for the minimum five days.
    • Asymptomatic students and staff and those that are exhibiting an improvement in symptoms will have the ability to return to school on days six through 10 of the isolation period provided the individual wears a mask during that time period. If mask wearing is not an option, that individual must isolate for the full 10 days before returning to school.
    • Symptomatic students and staff who are not showing an improvement in symptoms will be required to continue isolating until that criteria is met, possibly up to and including day 10.
  • Transportation - In accordance with the CDC Order issued February 21, 2021, masks are required for all staff and students while on school buses until further notice.
  • Head Start classrooms - In accordance with federal law, students and staff in our District’s Head Start classrooms must continue to wear a mask. This program is federally funded and thus subject to federal masking requirements.
  • Performing Arts/Athletics - As part of the lifted mask requirements, students involved in performing arts and athletics are no longer subject to the previous mask requirements associated with these activities.
  • Rentals/Community Education - Outside groups and programs are no longer subject to the masking requirements formerly associated with utilizing our school buildings and facilities following this lifted requirement.

The OCHD strongly recommends wearing a mask while in public, indoor settings. Individual decisions related to continued masking in WLCSD will be left to the discretion of students, families, and staff members.

It should be noted that any bullying, harassment, or discrimination related to a student’s masking choices will not be tolerated. Any individuals engaging in such acts will be subject to the Code of Conduct.

Should we receive any further guidance from the OCHD between now and Feb. 28, we will be sure to share that information with you in a timely manner. For more information, please visit the OCHD website: www.oakgov.com/covid


Kenneth Gutman
Superintendent of Schools
Walled Lake Schools

Changes in our parking lot during Owl Pick Up (Dismissal)

Beginning Monday, March 7th we will move ahead with changes to help improve safety during our dismissal time. Currently, we have over 200 families registered for Owl Pick Up and on average, about 70 families utilize this each day. We also have an average 35 students who are signed out at the front of the building. This means during the dismissal process we have well over 150 vehicles moving in and out of our parking lot within about 20 minutes!

One area MAJOR of concern is for those vehicles who are in the Owl Pick Up line but waiting to enter the parking lot. I am always grateful to our parents who offer ideas and support! Below is a message from Matt Goldsby (Oakey Park dad and District Manager for Super Car Wash) who is helping to implement the new process:

Hello Oakley Park families!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message! Over the past several months pick up and drop off for OPE parents has become rather challenging. With so many parents opting for pick up/drop off, we are having a very hard time containing all of these vehicles inside the Oakley Park campus.

At Oakley Park we have the utmost concern for everybody's safety. This is why we will be attempting a new procedure for pickup/drop off. Kind of like McDonald's has now added a second lane to all of their drive-thrus, we will also be adding a second lane on the east side of our parking lot.

To be as concise as possible, below is a diagram of where we will be instituting this extra lane. Please refer to picture below.

During the first week of this transition we will have volunteers assisting parents with this new procedure. It is vitally important that we keep as little space as possible between all of our vehicles, to ensure as few as possible vehicles are overflowing onto Oakley Park road. Please know that our volunteers are just trying to help keep everybody safe.

I would also like to say that I completely understand everybody's concerns and why there's been such a big influx of pickup/drop off at OPE. However we cannot deny that this said influx has created a lot of logistical issues for us. The last thing that we want is to make things more complicated for parents. We feel this is the best way moving forward to simplify things while also keeping our kids and staff safer. The amount of overflow that we currently have on Oakley Park frustrates/confuses other drivers. It is our goal, with this new process, to correct those logistical issues as best we can.

Again thank you very much for taking the time to read this email. I greatly appreciate you and your family.

Matt Goldsby

Another MAJOR safety concern is the flow of vehicles out of the parking lot. Turning left is nearly impossible at times and vehicles waiting to turn left are causing a major backup within the parking lot. PLEASE consider turning right! We have vehicles trying to enter the parking lot who are NOT using Owl Pick Up and are unable to do so with two “outgoing” lanes. As we implement the double lane plan in the parking lot, we will be evaluating the need to make changes when exiting the parking lot (such as implementing a RIGHT TURN ONLY for ALL vehicles when exciting our parking lot.) We understand this would not be ideal but could be necessary based on ongoing safety concerns. We will be coordinating with our crossing guard to help achieve the best flow possible on Oakley Park Road. The safest route to “head east” after turning right (west) is to turn right on Newton Road, then right on Richardson Road and then use either Martin Road or Haggerty Road.

We are looking for more volunteers to help in the parking lot as drivers adjust to this new process. If you are able/willing to help, please contact Kristin Froning kristinfroning@wlcsd.org. Volunteers would need to be here by 3:30 p.m.

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Calling all Dads, Step-dads, Granddads, Uncles, and other father-figures/male adult role models!

Join our WATCH D.O.G.S Team!

What is WATCH D.O.G.S?

  • WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is an innovative father involvement, educational initiative of the National Center for Fathering. The group was created in 1988 and today there are 6,450 active WATCH D.O.G.S. schools nationally.

Why implement Watch D.O.G.S at Oakley Park?

  • To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important.

  • To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and support students with conflict resolution.

  • Support school community relationships.

What is expected of a WATCH D.O.G.?

  • Support on the playground

  • Guide conflict resolution

  • Safety-reporting all injuries/concerns to playground staff

  • Encourage students to be active, play games, and be involved!

  • Support in the parking lot during dismissal

    • Helpful guide the traffic flow

    • Ensure the safety of students and families

  • Confidentiality in regards to all interactions with students and staff

What is the time commitment of a WATCH D.O.G?

  • We welcome our D.O.G.S based on what works best for their schedules! We use a SignUp Genius for scheduling so you can sign up for the date(s) that work best for your schedule. There is no required number of times…you could volunteer once a month, once a week or once between now and June!

Below are two documents that need to be completed (sign and return to school) to officially get started as a volunteer. Once these forms have been received, you will be set a link to the Sign-Up Genius WATCH D.O.G. site.

Thank you so much for your interest in the program and for supporting our Owls! We are excited to welcome you to the playground and/or parking lot!

ASD Paraeducator at Oakley Park Needed!

Monday -Friday,

Hours 8:45 am - 4:15 pm (includes 30 minute duty free lunch) 7 hours per day/35 hours per week

Classification B Rate of Pay: Current WLPA Contract, $13.33 to $18.72

New Hire Starting Rate of Pay: $13.33

Email: kristinfroning@wlcsd.org for more information

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We are SO excited to welcome parents/caregivers of our incoming Owls (Class of 2035) to Kindergarten Orientation on

Monday, March 14

at 6:00 pm

in the Oakley Park Media Center

More information to come! Thank you for sharing this date with neighbors and friends who will have an incoming Kindergartner for the 2022-2023 school year!

5th Grade Spelling Bee Results

We are SO proud of the amazing efforts of our 5th grade students who completed in the 5th Grade School Spelling Bee on Thursday, February 17th. After 16 rounds...Akshata Julai was declared out champion! The winning word was contorted. Akshata will go on to compete in the Oakland County Spelling Bee on Sunday, March 13th.

Good luck to Akshata! And congratulations to all of the spellers who completed in our school bee!

Picture to the left: Akshata and runner up Adriana share a hug, honoring their efforts/success!

Picture below: (top row) Landon Austin, Akshata Julai, Adriana Cantillon, Chloe Alexander, Michael Garrison, Mrs. Froning

(bottom row) AJ Bloomfield, Killian Duke, Caleb Taylor, Andrew Twal, Allie Novaes *Qualified but unable to complete: Dominic Al-Tawil

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WLCSD Math Course Skipping Information

Dear Families,

Our current math standards are more rigorous and demanding than ever. Students are expected to develop a deep understanding of concepts leading to fluency with facts and procedures, and the ability to clearly communicate their mathematical thinking. Further, students must pass a demanding sequence of high school math courses in order to meet graduation requirements. In response to the increased expectations for all students, we have adjusted the content focus and instructional approaches in all of our math courses.

Because of the higher standards and to ensure student success at all points of their mathematical education, we are using the procedures described in the document linked below to accelerate students. In order to skip a course in the math sequence, students must demonstrate proficiency in the content and skills of the course they are attempting to skip.

The process and procedures described in the document linked below apply to all students currently in grades 2 through 7. Students attempting to test-out of high school courses will use the existing process described on the district website. Parents of students in kindergarten or first grade who have indications their child is possibly ready to skip a year of Mathematics should contact their building principal.

If you have questions after reviewing the process, please contact your building principal or me.

Thank you for your partnership in education.


Ellen McDonald

Math/Science Coordinator



Overview of Math Course-Skipping Process (Click link below)

Math Course Skipping Test Registration Form

Deadline for registration is Friday, March 25th.

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Another Owl at the Olympics

While the focus of the Winter Olympics was on the athletes, the games wouldn’t be possible without a legion of judges and referees — including a former Oakey Park Owl (and WLC graduate).

Chelsea is a physical therapist for the University of Vermont Medical Center who also works as an official for hockey games. She started refereeing as a way to make extra money when she was a collegiate player for UVM, she recalled. Since then, she has developed her skills to a level that has taken her to championship tournaments around the world.

Chelsea proudly wore the stripes in Beijing as a referee for women’s hockey at the Olympics, working for the International Ice Hockey Federation, under the International Olympic Committee. (NECN)

(Chelsea is in the center of the photo below)

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Sunday, February 27 & Wednesday, March 2

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Social Media Dangers Official Trailer - Childhood 2.0

Click the link below to view the digital flyer

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2022-23 PTA positions

We are looking for parents who want to get more involved with their child’s elementary experience to join the PTA in a leadership role. There are a variety of options open, please take a look at OakleyParkPTA.com/positions

Winter Weather Recess Reminders

We closely monitor the temperatures throughout the day and if the combined temperature/wind chill "feels like" is 0 (or below) we will hold indoor recess. PLEASE send your child prepared for outside play EVERY DAY!

Please Note:

● If your family needs financial assistance to purchase winter weather items, please contact Mrs. Froning or your child's teacher. We are happy to help!

● Please label all clothing with your child’s name.

Daily Health Checks

We continue to urge all families to check your child's health daily and make decisions that will keep our community healthy and safe. Please check for the following symptoms:

  • Fever/Chills
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Headache Sore throat
  • Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle of Body Aches
  • New loss of smell or taste

If your child has any of these symptoms, please err on the side of caution and keep them home until their symptoms subside. We appreciate your partnership as we continue to work together to keep our community healthy and safe! Health and Safe!

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2021-2022 Student Voluntary Accident Insurance

Other Helpful Links:

Download/Save/Print the 2022-23 WLCSD school year calendar at the following link: https://wlcsd.org/downloads/district_calendars/wlcsd_2022-23_calendar.pdf

Contact Information

Kristin Froning, Principal

Karen Clark, Principals Secretary

Kim Waling, Building Secretary

Main Office: 248-956-4100

Attendance Line: 248-956-4190

Prime Time Care: 248-956-4199