Kids should get 10 hours of sleep

Kids should get 10 hours of sleep because...

Night night sleep tight

Kids need more sleep they are staying up and there parents let them they need to go to sleep because that is the only time you Brain develop and if your family is tall like mine then you need more sleep because that is the only time that you grow. Also they need 10 hours of sleep because... It affects their health, it affects being focused in school and on complicated test they will not be focused. Also they will be more focused in sports and not tired to where they don't do good in practice or ga,es that is why kids need more sleep.
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You will be more focussed for sports

If you are a sports player you might want to read this because this will help you in sports Seven players were included in the study. Most famous basketball players get atleast 10-11 hours of sleep because so they can be ready for the game if not they won't be ready and they will be tired it also messes with your mental health. Also for football, Early in the season, the players' average 40-yard dash time was 4.99 seconds. But after six weeks of extra sleep the average time dropped one-tenth of a second — to 4.89 seconds also it would give you more energy for games and practice when you get more sleep you can feel more energy and no bags under your eyes so you will look better and you can run aroud and get way more things done. A study from research at stand ford university finds that more sleep hours helps athletes like basketball players and football players in games and practice. Also they will do very good in school like will not fall asleep in class just like my brother. Sleep is no less important than food and, drink if you don't ever get that much sleep it is like not eating ever because it can slowly kill you it help your health majorly."The goal was to aim for 10 hours of sleep per night," says Cheri Mah of the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic. At the beginning of the season, Mah found that the players had moderate levels of daytime fatigue, even though they thought they were getting enough rest at night.

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This is Cheri Mah of the Stanford Sleep she is an expert on sleep and if you go to this link you will find how smart she is with sleep and you can learn way more.


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i think all kids should go to bed at 8:00 because in the midle of the night that is the only time that they can grow and that is when your brain devolpes. People think that kid one to two should get at least 14 hours a day. And they say three to six years old 12 hours a day but i did not get that much when i was 6. seven to 12 at least 10 to 11 hours a day and 12 to18 at least 8 to 9 hours a day that keeps them up and healthy so you are not fitting sleep. This a family and what they do when it is bed time and what time bed time is: we put are kids to bed at 7:00 every night and it helps them all and all sleep helps them. In my opinion i think all kid should go to bed at 8:00 because they need there sleep but i disagree with 7:00 because if they do they will stay up then they will wake up so early because he went to bed so early.
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Changes your mood swing

That’s right; lack of sleep can hinder you from thinking clearly and keeping your emotions at an even keel. Studies show that excessive sleepiness can hurt work performance, wreak havoc on relationships, and lead to mood problems like anger and depression. when you don't get enough sleep to remember things for work and school like homework and test and the things you need for school. Also it is hard to concentrate on complex test in school. Stand ford sleep analyzed a federal survey of some 8,000 families in which parents were asked a slew of questions about bedtime. The survey was ongoing — from the time their kids were 9 months old through the start of kindergarten. Parents were surveyed several times throughout this period.

How to Sleep Better

Whtach this video for facts

Here is some facts about sleep. Sleep is no less important than food and drinking. Getting less sleep is bad for you it is just like walking in the woods with no shoes or running with sisors it is unhealthy for your body
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You need to get some sleep

You need to listen and you need sleep so please listen. But still thatnks for looking at my smore. It will give more energy in the day. Don't look like the girl in the picture above