EPS Staff Memo

Week Beginning Monday 7 September

Thank you to teachers and TAs for their organisation in the lead up and during the Numeracy Open Afternoon last week. We had a many parents/families attend which was very pleasing. Particular thanks to those teachers who went to the effort to set up extra activities with the purpose of engaging the adults in the learning with their children.

All Problem Solving Assessments (Grade 3 - 6) need to be completed this week with a view to teachers moderating the results at Thursday's staff meeting.

I would also like to thank the EFA's who have been working on their PDPs and revisiting their goals. This is a good time to remind all other staff that these needs to be done in readiness for a PDP staff meeting before the end of term. Can you please revisit your goals and collate evidence to share.

In response to continued lateness at line up there will be a 3-6 line up practice Monday recess. Students are to eat their morning tea as usual and then when the play bell sounds they are to make their way to line up. Duty teachers and senior staff only needed for the practice. Please talk with your students Monday morning to remind them of their expectations for line up and the need to move promptly to line up when the music starts.

Please find below links and video clips that you may find interesting. Would be interested to hear any feedback.

Have a good week,


The "Hey Future Me..." Project


Briefing 8.25 am

Leadership meeting 9.15

Book Fun LiL 9.00 am Library

Line up practice at recess - grades 3 - 6

SLT Meeting- 2:30 -3pm Heritage Art Block

Peter away until Friday - Brad Ralph covering


Alison and Helen - Hobart Leading a Digital School PL

Jenny Johns support - Susan Ord on 2 Johns

Staff Meeting - Superlab Naplan Interrogation


LIL – Gym Fun 9-10 am

Alison and Helen - Hobart Leading a Digital School PL

Robyn Smedley Support

Transition Grade 6's - Drama with EHS 2 pm to 3 pm


Briefing 8.25 am

Assembly - 3 Wheatley

LLI Groups with Tarrin Kemp

Staff meeting - Sector planning - Helen K-2 Amy 3-6


Pauline Murgatroyd - LSL - Fiona Beament

LLI Groups with Jo Danziger

LLI Reading Groups

Please remind your students to head to the literacy room to read with our parent volunteers on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8-45 am until 9-00 am.

Tarrin will cover Thursdays LLI Groups and Jo will cover Fridays Groups

Unfortunately Footsteps are now unable to provide this clinic this year.

Art Gallery

We are now accepting class art for selection in our Art Gallery in Term 4. Please bring your art pieces to the close supervision area, before the end of term. On the back of each piece please put your students name, their age and title of the art piece.


Please remember to take your class attendance list with you and sign in at the high school office. We have been asked to log in the book provided any of the kitchen ingredients that we use whilst there so that they can be replace ready for the next class.



Learning Support

We are about to reorganise our Flexible Learning Groups for Term 4. Could you please think of the students in your class and consider if they would benefit from being included in any of the groups listed below. They may be included to develop leadership skills, social skills in a small group situation, to support the student who may be having some personal issues as well as supporting their learning program. Please have your students’ names and suggested groups to Helen by Friday 18 September. Our groups include:

Cooking, Cooking/Home Skills, Gardening, Origami, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Ball Skills, Relaxation and Music Therapy.

Learning Plans

An updated list of students who require learning plans is on the staff intranet page in the staff information folder. Can you please check to see if you have any students who need one.