Smorey Telling

Discover how to use Smore in your lessons

Have you ever wanted to find an interactive way for your student to make a flyer?

Are you looking for a way for your students to share their classwork in a meaningful way with the community?

Have you ever wanted to learn something you could use not only at school but in your personal life as well?

Maybe you've heard of Smore but never thought about how to use it with your students. Either way, today we will look at not only how to create your own Smore but also think of ways to use it with your students!

What is Smore?

Using Smore In The Classroom

Math: Have students make a tutorial flyer on a topic

Science: Document and post results of experiments

History: Have the students make a travel brochure

ELA: Have students make a character profile or report (Example)


Intro to a curriculum unit or lesson (Example)

Showcase student projects (Example)

Class Newsletter (Example)

Lesson Format

Your lesson will consist of a set of three challenges designed to help you explore some of the functions within Smore. You are encouraged to work with others to help you learn and explore as you navigate through the lesson.

This challenge based lesson features Google Sites and also shows a way to format self-paced lessons for students that also encourage collaboration through student choice. Notice that while the lesson focuses on a particular topic no two products will be the same but yet everyone will have learned the same objectives.

Below is the link for the lesson when you are ready to begin.