What is fracking?

Fracking is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep within the earth. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.

Is fracking good or bad?

Fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of chemically treated water into deep shale formations at pressures of 9000 pounds per square inch or more. This fluid cracks the shale or widens existing cracks, freeing hydrocarbons to flow toward the well. It isnt very good to the environment but yet we still do it. I am against fracking only because of all the dangers it has to our environment.

How does fracking work?

Fracking makes it possible to produce natural gas extraction in shale plays that were once unreachable with conventional technologies.

3 reasons why fracking is dangerous

1. Chemicals

There are up to 600 chemicals used in fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins such as: lead, uranium, mercury, ethylene glycol, radium, methanol, hydrochloric acid, and formaldehyde.

2. Bad for your health

They found that proximity to fracking increased the likelihood of low birth weight by more than half, from about 5.6 percent to more than 9 percent.

3. Causes earthquakes

Since thousands of these new wells are being developed in populated areas, even small earthquakes are alarming for most of these areas haven't been seismically active in the past.

Is fracking worth it?

In the end, hydraulic fracking produces approximately 300,000 barrels of natural gas a day, but at the price of numerous environmental, safety, and health hazards.

Marcellus Shale

Marcellus shale is a unit of marine sedimentary rock believed to have been formed millions of years ago under inland seas throughout much of the Appalachian basin.
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  • There is no question that Marcellus Shale has a place in the future as a source of natural gas. With citizen’s groups calling for legislation and regulation on drilling, the rock formation that once lie quietly under the surface of the earth is now in the forefront of the news.

Where is Marcellus Shale located?

The Marcellus starts at the base of the Catskills in upstate New York, stretches across the upstate towards Marcellus, New York (the town from which the formation was named) and southwest to West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. The Marcellus Shale is known to be deeper on the southeast edge of the formation that borders the ridge and valley regions of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. The Marcellus gets more shallow as it heads northeast towards Ohio and Lake Erie.
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