Kara Jackson

My Personality


always a chilld!

make friends easily!

cheerful and bubbling over!

creative and colorful!

appealing personality!

Animal and Despcrition

swan~ From the personality tests that i have taken, i have noticed that i am very outgoing and usually am looked up to. people with my personality type are usually emotional. not only sad or down, but always talking and acting childish.i am not usually scared to talk to people but i do get shy. work ethics can sometimes be a hassle. its hard for someone like me to stay focused because something else usually catches your eye! but i am very creative and always want to make something into a better way. i make friends easily becausei am not scared to talk to new people! my friendships usually last forever. i still have friends that i made in pre-school! if something ever happens between me and another personi am usually the one to stand up and apologize. its difficult sometimes to show people what and who you are, but just be you!

Careers and Hobbies

- journalist

- investigator

- artist -

- entertainer

- comedian


-family time



Influence on the Class

i feel like this class will help me with understanding other peoples ways of doing things and helping our environment. i am excited to do all the fun activities and share memories with my new classmates. i feel like taking this class will help me understand the ways of life and how i will need to deal with complications in the future. i will learn about other people while learning to help. i am excited to take this class and learn more!my outgoing personality might help influence the class to just be themselves and to experience things they might not have thought about,
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