Bearcat Weekly

March 13 - 17, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Thanks to everyone for making this a great week at PPIS!!

Congratulations again to Mrs. Dori Malone on being named the PPISD teacher of the month. Dori works extremely hard and goes full speed into whatever it is she is doing! She also has a deep drive to make not only our school better but also our district!

Thank you so much to our awesome 6th grade team on their planning and organization of their career day events! We had an excellent presentation from CoServ and it was so neat to see and hear our kids answering some of their questions. I also want to thank all the parents who came out and presented to our kids during the day. It was definitely one that they will remember!

Thank you Mrs. Sudbury, Mrs. Wooten, Ms. Lovick and Mrs. Nisbett for all your help with TELPAS testing. We tested well over 100 kids this week and went about as smooth as we could have hoped. I really appreciate their teamwork and help throughout the process!

Thank you Ms. Colmenero for not only all that she does in the front office but for also helping out with our board presentation this week! I was a little worried that she wouldn't make it back to us but, fortunately, she did :)

Thank you so much Mrs. Sudbury, Mrs. Lilly Ramirez and Mrs. Prado for the outstanding job they have done with our Spanish dance club! The kids did such a great job performing this week and that has been such a blessing for our kids!

Pictures from the Week!

WE have our First BINGO!

Yes, we actually had two bingos this week on our Principal's Stars board! Thanks to everyone who recognized a student for their behavior and hard work! This has been a really great program and our kids are starting to get excited seeing the board fill up. When we return from Spring Break we will clear the board and hand out new stars to hand out!
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Upcoming Events Next Three weeks

March 22 - Staff meeting after school to review campus testing procedures, discuss bootcamps and STAAR six weeks plans

March 23 - 5th Grade Reading STAAR bootcamp

March 24 - Bad Weather Make-up Day - No School

March 27 - 4th Grade Writing Bootcamp and 5th Math Bootcamp

March 28 - 4th Grade Writing STAAR, 5th Grade Math STAAR

March 29 - 5th Grade Reading STAAR

March 29 - Campus Leadership Team Meeting after school

March 31 - UIL Main Event Field Trip

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Your North Star!

Don't forget to keep pushing and following your North Star! It will be different for each and everyone of you and the most important thing is that you find it! Once that happens you and your students will grow tremendously! As you know the push after Spring Break is fierce and can be stressful. Let's keep our focus on our true North Star and let the rest take care of itself!

Have an Amazing Spring Break!!