Technology subjects

by Jaydon Goettte


1. iMovie can allow you to put pictures and videos in to iMovies

2. iMovie also can allow you to to have as many imovies as you want

3. And this app also has to offer free music and sound affect


1. It automatically puts in music but you can change themes to change the music

2. You can photos and videos and with that you for the videos you chooses how much of the video you want have

3. Also in iTrailer there is up to 14 different choose of themes examples superhero, romance, scary,fairy tale

Haiku Deck

1. You can search for pictures right from the app

2. It allows you to have as many slides as you want

3. You can save your work by logging in or signing up for free

Explain Everyone

1. You can create shapes

2. It also can make text larger and smaller

3. You can also get different backgrounds

Go Animate

1. You can change the voice

2. There are tons of chooses for characters and backgrounds

3. You can choose what they say