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Covered in this Issue: Wrapping Up the School Year

  • Hot Topic: End of the Year Tech Tips
  • Wellness Tip: Self-Care for Educators
  • How to Beat the Summer Slide
  • SEL Corner: Smart Goals
  • LUSD Bright Spot
  • TSP Resource: Wrapping Up the School Year
  • LUSD Orenda Summer Institute
  • Summer School Information
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Hot Topic

End of the School Year Tech Tips

After a year of tech loaded instructions, it’s important to spend some time organizing your school technology to help you get into a great start for the next school year.

  • Upload locally stored files and recordings to your google drive

    • Create folders to organize files

    • Delete all old files once uploaded

  • Archive your Google Classrooms

  • Archive GoGuardian Classrooms

  • Prioritize useful apps

  • Clean up your bookmarks (delete ones you no longer use)

  • Organize your desktop

  • Empty your recycle bin

  • Update your LUSD district laptop: go to your school site (must be on district WiFi), completely shutdown your laptop, updates will take place once it is restarted.

End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean-up Tips

May Wellness

Self-Care for Educators

You have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. You have innovated, collaborated, counseled, supported, taught and shown a resiliency beyond expectation! Chances are, you feel it. The fatigue, the mental exhaustion, the aches, and the anguish. You are days from the finish line of a marathon year! Our hope for you is that you take time to take care of YOU!

Breathe in - Breathe out. . .

We hope you rest, restore and take some time this summer to pay yourself back for the demands of the year and work to recover and heal!

Here are some mental health resources just for educators. May they offer some insight into self-care and mindfulness. Yes - for you to share with your students some day. But, for now just to experience for yourself.

Breathe in - Breathe out. . .

Happy Summer and THANK YOU for all you’ve done to serve students and families!


Mental Health for Educators

Five Strategies for Teacher Self-Care

The Impact of Secondary Trauma on Educators

Mindfulness: An Antidote to Classroom Anxiety

Seven Easy Steps to Personalized Mindfulness in Schools

how to beat the summer slide

Summer Slide

Did you know that research suggests that students can lose an average of one month of learning over summer break? Skills that students learn need to be practiced regularly to ensure there is ongoing proficiency in the skill. In the area of reading, students can possibly drop as much as two reading levels when students don’t practice their reading over summer break. The good news is that we can help prevent the dreaded summer slide! How can we help our students, keep them learning throughout the summer! Below, you can find some resources to share with your students and parents to help support learning throughout the summer.


Summer Reading Challenge

Preventing the Summer Slide Handout

How to Beat the Summer Slide

sel corner

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As we wrap up a year for the history books, it is important to take the time to reflect and set goals for the year to come with your students.

Setting SMART Goals for their summer break may inspire students to stay academically active!

Instructional Tool:

Self-motivation is an essential component to social emotional learning. Students may find motivation to meet their personal goals by creating SMART goals with their classmates. After reflective discussion, work with your students to set a SMART goal for themselves for their summer break. SMART goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Check out this tool- SMART Goal activity! This instructional tool may support the goal-setting process with your class. You may share this Slide file with your class so they may share their goals with their classmates, to encourage motivation and build classroom community.

Click here for a Slides template. Feel free to Make a Copy and modify as you see fit!

For more information on how to set smart goals with your students, please click the link below.

Resource: SMART Goals

LUSD bright spot

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Best Practices for Wrapping Up the School Year

Feeling like you have too many things to do at the end of the school year and not nearly enough time? This article explains where and what to focus on.

4 Ways to Keep Students Engaged When Summer Break is so Close

This article explains the different ways to shake things up in the classroom to keep students engaged.

A Dozen Fun Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

This article lists & explains a dozen effective strategies that can be used to turn students’ end-of-the-year energy into instructional success.

How I Do It: Celebrating the End of the School Year

In this Scholastic article teachers share the ways they end their school year.

8 Epic Ideas for Ending the School Year

This Edutopia article provides a list of ways to end the school year that celebrate students learning.

End of the Year Activities:

  • ABC Book: Students create an “All About ___ Grade” book and for each letter of the alphabet they include a skill, vocabulary word or topic they learned and provide an example, definition, illustration, etc… What is required for each letter will vary between grade levels. This activity provides the opportunity for review especially if the book is focused on a specific subject.

  • Letter to My Teacher - Template for an end of the year letter from students to their teacher.

  • School Year Reflections - This activity includes reflection bubbles for students to complete such as; improvements over the school year, favorite memories and accomplishments.

  • Classroom Reward Certificates

- Class Nomination Form

- Editable Class Reward Certificate 1

- Editable Class Reward Certificate 2

  • The Year in Review: End-of-the-Year Memory Books from Scholastic - Students create memory books of their top 10 favorite moments of the school year. (Grades 3-6)

  • Class Scrabble Tournament: Laura Candler explains how to host a scrabble tournament with your students. Links to materials are included in the blog post.

Report Card Resources:

Summer Activities & Programs:

LUSD Orenda summer Institute

LUSD summer school information

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