Spring Has SPRUNG For The Sparkles!

The Latest & Greatest On Lots!

Hello Sparkles,

It's time to celebrate April and pat ourselves on the back for the May we are already having and the awesome business building efforts of our team members! I love watching women flex back into their businesses after time off (in some cases even promoting!), others go for big promotion or even just earn some fun pocket money and some taking their businesses on the road (or in the air), making money/building their customer base while they visit friends and family. The best part of this business is that it is truly ONE SIZE FITS YOU!

There's LOTS of key info below, so be sure to take a minute to read it...Pouf sampling, promotions, New Stylist Training date, Business Builder opps, Glam Reward winners and more...

Love and May success to you,


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She's Here!

Don't forget to order your Stripe Pouf at 50% off while sampling is open...there are a few other styles that you also can purchase at 50% off right now. Note that the red ikat Pouf is now out of stock, so you may want to add this one to your collection. It will be a HOT seller!

PROMOTIONS! Our Newest Lead Stylists...

Fantastic job to the Sparkles who promoted to Lead Stylist in April! Are you thrilled to see your killer exclusive swag bag when you attend Hoopla? I'm jealous.

Kate Stone (ME)

Ashley Nickerson (ME)

Jen English (NH)

Michelle Niemi (ME)

Want To Know Top Tips Danielle Shared In Boston? Join Us On A Call Thursday Night!

Join other Sparkles who joined us in Boston last night for Danielle Redner's INCREDIBLE training to hear our team's favorite tips and "AHA" moments that will make an impact on your business with VERY simple changes.

Call In LIVE: Thursday, May 9th

8:45-9:15pm EST


Access Code: 249214#

New Stylist Training Opps Soon! Saturday in Utah in person & Monday, May 13th via video chat

We're excited to have you on our team and now we want to help you get your business off to a great start by providing you with great training! You have lots of fantastic resources to get you going, but it's key to fit in your formal "New Stylist Training" in the first 10 days of your business! Wondering how to book? How to display? How to earn $100s in free jewels and bags? How to invite? What to say? How much you can make?

Live in Utah? Saturday, May 11th, time TBD (likely 4pm)

@ Lead Stylist, Sarah Anderson's home

Park City, UT

RSVP: sarahandersonevents@yahoo.com

Live ANYWHERE else? Monday, May 13th 8pm EST

RSVP: gingerpingree@gmail.com

Join me with a glass of wine, your yoga pants and a pencil in your hand to get your business CRANKING and have your questions answered...

We will hold this via Google Video chat to make it more personal, as seeing a face is always more fun, which is simple to do, even if you are not tech savvy. Directions on how to join in are on our team Facebook page at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/284768131570151/doc/487934827920146/

If you have ANY questions/difficulties, email or text me ahead!

Business Builders Mini Meet Ups!

Come Join Us For Mini Meet Ups...

Join Sarah Anderson (UT), Natalie Knowles (NH), Michelle Whitney (ME) and me over a small bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. We'll work on whatever you need to move the needle on your business!

**Note that all of these events will be preceeded by a Meet Stella & Dot event, so these are great opportunities to bring prospectives who you think would like to meet other leaders to help seal the deal!

**Kindly RSVP 24 hours ahead.

Monday, May 13th - Brattleboro, VT 12:00

The Marina

with Natalie Knowles & Ginger Pingree

RSVP: natalieaknowles@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 14th - Portland, ME 12:00pm

Whole Foods Cafe

with Michelle Whitney

RSVP: mmwhit@maine.rr.com

**may change to 16th--will reconfirm**

Thursday, May 16th - Portsmouth, NH 7:30pm


with Ginger Pingree

RSVP: gingerpingree@gmail.com

Thursday, May 16th - Park City, UT 11:30am

Kneeders in Newpark

with Sarah Anderson

RSVP: sarahandersonevents@yahoo.com

Monday, May 20th - Manchester, NH 7:30pm

Location TBD

with Ginger Pingree

RSVP: gingerpingree@gmail.com

Way To Go Sparkles - April by the Numbers

Whether you sold 1 pair of earrings or held 10 trunk shows, you were part of our success!

First Last Country State/Province Retail Volume

Ginger Pingree USA ME $17,856.00

Helen Plummer USA NJ $6,605.80

Michelle Whitney USA ME $6,227.95

Katie Dreher USA IL $5,359.20

Sarah Anderson USA UT $3,507.00

Natalie Knowles USA NH $3,351.31

Deborah Tranten USA ME $2,677.50

Kristy Inge USA FL $2,575.00

Lynn Montgomery USA ME $2,480.20

Kate Stone USA ME $2,469.20

Colleen Wilcox USA MI $2,454.20

Elizabeth Kitzman USA IL $2,448.00

Abbie Micucci USA MA $2,419.40

Tracey Benkosky USA NH $2,047.35

Kristin Morgovnik USA NH $1,783.24

Katie Rocheford USA MA $1,711.50

Stephanie Gaiser USA NH $1,674.90

Ashley Nickerson USA NH $1,603.30

Jennifer English USA NH $1,556.50

Patricia Butler USA ME $1,106.00

Kasey Corsello USA MA $919.00

Ashley Montgomery USA ME $914.00

Katherine Pratt USA ME $887.00

Michelle niemi USA ME $872.00

Lisa Kendrick USA ME $841.50

Michalah Burrows USA ME $829.90

Lisa Demers USA NH $801.00

Paige Clairmont USA NH $686.20

Jennifer Guay USA ME $676.00

Vanessa Young USA MA $622.00

Nicolette Milano USA ME $607.40

Stefanie Heitz USA NH $583.00

Hannah Sproul USA NH $552.00

Judith Mascioli USA NH $526.94

Jamie Godin USA NH $416.00

Chandra Cardelli USA FL $404.00

Sian Williams GBR __ $317.51

Emily Cook USA IA $297.00

Denise Whitehall USA MA $297.00

Emily Maxfield USA NH $249.00

Cynthia Marshall USA NC $207.00

Amanda Black USA ME $144.00

Courtney Giles USA NE $133.00

Danielle Hessert USA ME $128.00

Elizabeth Reed USA ME $128.00

Erin Nordt USA CT $123.55

Ashley Olen USA ME $102.00

Glam Rewards - DOUBLE POINTS through May 16th & CONGRATULATIONS!

Check out where we are! Prizes have already been won and more are on the way! With so many going for promotions and with double points for every dollar you sell, this contest is for EVERYONE on our team. Don't leave these fun prizes on the table!

Level 2 - Exclusive Tech Tote

Ginger Pingree (ME)

Level 1 - Mini Lookbook/Picture Holder

Patti Butler (ME) (who's DARN CLOSE to level 2)

Michelle Whitney (ME) (who's DARN CLOSE to level 2)

Katie Dreher (IL)

Helen Plummer (NJ)

Natalie Knowles (NH)

Kate Stone (ME)

Steph Gaiser (NH)

Close to Level 1 - You Can Do It!

Lynn Montgomery

Kali Pratt

Elizabeth Kitzman

Colleen Wilcox

Abbie Micucci

Deb Tranten

Sarah Anderson

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