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June, 2020: News & Notable Books

For many of us, the 2019-2020 school year can be divided into Before March 13 and After March 13. With the approaching close of the academic year, please join me in reflecting on how the library has served our school community before, during, and beyond the COVID-19 closure. Read on for an overview of library usage, a handful of highlights, and -- of course -- some reading recommendations! Until we meet again in the library, please stay safe and healthy!

Library Usage

Before March 13:
  • 507 classes reserved a block of library time
  • 18 Ninth Grade Library orientations were delivered

After March 13:

Research Lessons

Before March 13:
  • 26 Research Lessons were delivered on NoodleTools, POWER Library databases, and reliable websites

After March 13:

POWER Library Searches: 2,305 reliable, academically sound articles were viewed in POWER Library's databases during the 2019-2020 school year!


Before March 13:
  • 23 booktalks were delivered to classes at Ridley High School, spotlighting the Pennsylvania Reader's Choice Award nominees, notable fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, and recommended reading lists

After March 13:

Book Circulation

Before March 13
  • 1,777 fiction, nonfiction, audiobook, and eBook check-outs
  • 581 brand new novels and nonfiction books were added to the library
  • 71 Inter-Library Loans (32 items loaned and 39 items borrowed) were sent to and from libraries all over Pennsylvania

After March 13:

  • 184 Sora eBook and digital audiobook check-outs
  • 61 eBooks and digital audiobooks were added to the Sora app

Ridley High School's Loan Stars: Our most frequently borrowed books throughout the 2019-2020 school year!

Are you Taking a Graduate Course This Summer?

Ridley High School Library offers access to academic articles! Please reach out via email, describe your topic, and I'll help you locate all of the resources you need. Of particular interest to teachers: the Educator's Reference Complete database, with access to over 1,100 academic journals.

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