Stress In Your Life

Class Project

About Stress

Stress has effects on your body theres no doubt. I am going to tell you a few things about stress and how to handle them.Some stress is ok but if you have none at all you could screw your life up. If you have to much stress you will be worrying all the time and never have time to do anything without worrying.

Types Of Situations That Cause Stress

Any situation can cause stress some more than others but it just depends. An example of a stressful situation is procrastination like holdin off a class project off till its do.

Ways The Body Might React To Stress

Peoples bodies react differently to stress. Some people will start breathing hard or sweating. It just depends who you are that determins the way your body reacts to stress.

Consequences Of Being Stressed

If you stress to much it could ruin your life but no stress and you could end up not worrying about nothing and have a bad life. You can have a little stress but to much or to little could mess your life up.

Ways You Can Prevent Stress From Having A Negative Impact On Your Life

Well there are alot of things you can do to prevent stress from having a negative impact on your life. A few are exercising,eating,TV,video games, etc. If you get stressed the best way to handle it is go do something you like.