Start Lesson 11

げつようび (getsuyoubi-Monday)- Apr 20, 2015

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Today's Important Info:


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. ^o^ You should be finished with Lesson 8-10 by now. WE START Lesson 11 TODAY.

*Please be sure to have all your assignments from Lesson 8-10 submitted by today by 9PM. Progress report grades are due again.

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  • Please be SURE to attend your SCHEDULED coaching sessions this week!!
  • Make up ALL missing coaching sessions from lesson 8, 9, and 10 ASAP.
Katakana Lessons!

Click here to learn about Katakana, as well as learn the stroke orders for each character by animation of letters. ^o^

Lesson 11 Assignments:

  • Lesson 11 writing is due Tuesday.
  • Lesson 11 cultural discussion is due Wednesday
  • Lesson 11 Speaking Assignment due Thursday
  • Lesson 11 Quiz due Friday
  • Lesson 11 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2

  • This weeks characters:
Click here for ALL the info for Coaching sessions

ALL the info you need to attend coaching sessions, or make up coaching sessions!! ^o^

Week 14 Newsletter

Please go over this newsletter for this week. ^o^


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