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April 2020

Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center

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COVID-19 Remote Learning Plans

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GREETINGS From Mrs. Collins

Dear PELC Families -

Many of you have had the chance to meet my GIGANTIC dog, Gronk, during my Facebook Live feeds during morning announcements, so I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing how little he was only 7 months ago. Isn't he cute? Now he's over 108 pounds, but still gentle and sweet.

We MISS YOU ALL so much!!!! The current health crisis has been such a crazy situation and I've been feeling very ill prepared for it. I know we are all dealing with a new reality but I pray it will end shortly and we can all come back together soon. The fastest way to make that happen is to stay healthy so thank you for doing your part.

I don't have words for how proud I feel of our PELC staff though. Teaching remotely has presented all of us with a very massive and very unexpected learning curve and I feel such gratitude toward every member of our school community for the efforts I've seen in the last two weeks to meet the needs of our students. It's been so remarkable to work with professionals who are so dedicated to our children. I hope you will join me in thanking them.

Finally, I would like to say HAPPY SPRING! I hope my next Family Newsletter finds us all back in school and until then, enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs. Collins


The PELC Main Office is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Pick up remote learning packets in the foyer
  • Pick up or drop off new student registration paperwork
  • Pick up student supplies

The Student Services office is open Tuesdays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

A few reminders from Mrs. Osowski:

Even though we may not be at school, we wanted to remind our students and families that we can still Be Our Best Bulldogs and Show Our Peshtigo Pride when they are at home or in the community. Our school-wide PBIS expectations of being respectful, responsible and safe should also continue in your homes and when in the community.

Please take a few moments to discuss with your children what ways they could be respectful, responsible, safe and kind each day when they are at home. I would love to see or hear any ways that your children came up with (pictures, video clips, lists) so please feel free to share them with me via email

Preschool Matters

Those of us in education spend a great deal of time discussing learning activities that are age-appropriate for our students. Oftentimes, these conversations lead to others that explore the increased academic expectations for students in schools today. There are lots of articles that refer to 5 year-old Kindergarten as the “new 1st grade” for example, but here at the Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center, we see that mantra as too simple and start our teaching at age 4.

When students come to our school and explore our 4 year-old, half day program, we teach them much more than academics. We sing songs to encourage language and speech development. We play games to learn teamwork and build curiosity. We learn to communicate and cooperate, we practice good manners and good hygiene, and we teach children to be kind to one another. Our certified early childhood teachers have years of experience preparing children for the rest of their lives and we invite you all to join us! Register now for 4K!


WOW!!! $14,616.25 was raised during our Read-A-Thon in March!! 80% of those funds will be going to purchase the Book Vending Machine and playground equipment. Thank you all for your support with this fundraiser! The kids were very engaged and excited about reading the entire month of March. We will be handing out the well-deserved prizes once school resumes. Please email the PTSO with any feedback you have about this fundraiser.

Adult Prom Update

Due to the current shutdown, we regret to inform you that our Adult Prom will be cancelled this year. We hope to try this event again next year. If you already purchased a ticket, please email and let us know how many tickets you purchased, where they were purchased from, and whether you would like your money refunded or donated to PTSO. Please send us this information by June 1st.

NEWS from the GYM

PELC Physical Education

Spring has sprung and the nice weather is starting to appear! This means we can get outside and move our bodies! The month of April celebrates Earth Day. Earth Day gives an opportunity for a family outing. Take a walk with the family outside, observe the changing of the seasons and enjoy the spring air and sunshine. Maybe you can even jump in a few puddles from those April showers! Other activities to celebrate could include cleaning up the yard, build a birdhouse, recycle or even plant some flowers or a tree. If you choose to clean, be safe by using gloves and be careful about picking up certain items that may be sharp or dangerous.

Happy Spring everyone! Soak up some sun, stay healthy, stay active!

News from the School Counselor

Dear Parents,

A few years ago I wrote a series on parenting techniques. I thought it might be helpful to put some of the information in the newsletter now. In this newsletter, I will share information about Love & Logic, which is based around two main rules of parenting:

1) Adults set firm limits for children in loving ways without lectures or threats, and

2) When a child’s behavior causes a problem, the adult hands the problem back in an empathetic way, with the expectation that the child is responsible for fixing it.

But what does this look like in real life?

How do you go about using Love & Logic?

A great place to start with Love and Logic is using enforceable statements, which allow you to take control of your home in loving ways. With enforceable statements, you tell your

child what you will do, rather than trying to tell your child what he or she will do. You take

control of the things you can control, which means less frustration for you and your family

because you stop fighting to make your child do things. Here are some examples of enforceable statements:

  • “I listen to people who speak with a voice as soft as mine.”

  • “I drive kids to school if they are in the car when I am ready to leave.”

  • “I give dessert to kids who eat what is on their plates.”

  • “Those who follow the rules are welcome to play the game.”

  • “Sweet dreams. I’ll be serving breakfast at 7:15 A.M. sharp.”

An important thing to remember when using enforceable statements is that they are

meant to be said with love and empathy. They are not threats or demands. Rather, they are clear and firm expectations that do not allow for arguing or negotiating. Enforceable statements are used to set loving expectations so that children understand the connection between their choices and the consequences. When children follow the expectations, they will have natural positive consequences. When children decide not to follow the expectations, they will have to deal with the natural negative consequences.

When used consistently, children learn to make wise choices.


Katie Seidler, School Counselor

(715) 582-3762 ext. 3100

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