TEAM CSF News - Weekly Update

One Team. One Goal. No Limits.

May 9th-13th


  • Please make sure that you check this daily....when our agenda changes, I note it on the Weekly Smore.
  • Mark your calendars....Elementary Registration is July 26th! If you are willing to work on this day, please let Barbara know by Friday, May 20th.
  • Everyone...please plan to stay on Monday, May 9th until 4pm. Dr. Hinton will visit us to discuss our district initiatives and our next steps. All certified staff should have received a survey.
  • Please make sure that you are on time to duty. You should be at your duty location when the bell sounds, not moving to your location.
  • Please make sure that you actively supervise students at all times. You should never leave students unattended. When you leave them unattended, this creates a liability.
  • Please make sure that all doors stay closed and locked at all times.
  • Please remember to carefully supervise all our play areas. Children find creative uses for playground equipment and often their choices are unwise. If you see signs of fire ants or wasps/hornets near any of the equipment, or equipment that is damaged please let us know immediately.
  • Please remember to take a walkie with you before you go outside.

Things to Complete:

  • Please make sure that you are submitting your lesson plans on Thursday before leaving.
  • Please make sure that you update your blog by 8am on Monday morning.
Important Dates:
  1. SCPASS Testing Dates - May 11th and 12th
  2. CSF will begin DRA/DRA2/PALS on April 26th. All should be completed by Friday May 13th.
  3. K5 and 1st Grade Portfolios are due to Ehlich by May 23rd.

  1. Remember that grades 3-5 must have one unit in Canvas by the end of the 2nd semester.
  2. Make sure that you are sending signed papers every two weeks.
  3. Make sure you are entering grades in PS each week.
  4. Please remember that grades are stored 10 days after report cards go home. If you need to change a grade, you must see me.
  5. RtI - Please make sure that you bring a copy of your Intervention Sheet with you to the meeting so that we have one to keep.

Staff Development Opportunities

June 2nd Technology in Two

Weekly Update

Monday, May 9-
  • Blogs updated by 8am
  • Faculty Meeting with Dr. Hinton and Instructional Team (please plan to meet until 4:15)
  • Land of Smiles Dental at 1pm 4K-3rd (wait to be called)

Tuesday, May 10-

  • Kelly out of the building and Literacy Region Cohort

Wednesday, May 11-

  • GT Art
  • SCPASS Science
  • Reading Plan Meeting - Meeting in the Core (2:35-2:50)

Thursday, May 12-

  • Lesson Plans due before leaving
  • SCPASS Social Studies

Friday, May 13-

  • TEAM CSF Spirit Day
  • 5th Grade Field Trip
  • All DRA/DRA2/PALS information - due to Kelly

Monday, May 16-

  • 5th Grade GT Field Trip
  • Blogs Updated by 8am

Tuesday May 17-

  • CHS Orchestra visits 5th Grade Students at 12:30
  • Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, May 18-

  • Last day of GT Art
  • RtI Meeting
  • Kelly out of the building - Literacy Coach Meeting
  • Reading Plan Meeting - Meet with Ehlich

Thursday, May 19-

  • Lisa Out of the Building
  • 5th Grade visits CMS
  • Kelly out of the building - Small Group Meeting

Friday, May 20-

  • Lisa Out of the Building
  • Field Day
  • Last Day for GT
  • Verifications due to Mrs. Isreal before leaving

Monday, May 23-

  • Blogs Updated
  • Duplicate Report Cards printed
  • 4th 9 Weeks and EOY Awards due to Ehlich before leaving
  • 5K and 1st Grade Portfolios due to Ehlich before leaving

Tuesday May 24-

  • Fun Day
  • 5K Graduation

Wednesday, May 25-

  • 3rd Grade Awards at 9
  • 4th Grade Awards at 8:15

Thursday, May 26-

  • Last Day for 4K
  • 8:15 4K Program in Classroom
  • 1st Grade Awards at 9
  • 2nd Grade Awards at 8:15

Friday, May 27-

  • Student Dismissal at 11
  • 5th Grade Awards at 8:15

Monday, May 30-

  • No School

Tuesday, May 31-

  • Last Student Day
  • Student Dismissal at 11

Wednesday, June 1-

  • Teacher Workday

Thursday, June 2-

  • Technology In Two

Technology and Media Center End of School Checklist

Media Center End of Year Checklist

Library and Core Books

May 18

·All student books are due

·Teacher books due for Core and Media Center

·Teachers may continue to check out specific books as needed through the end of school.

·Invoices for students with lost books to Lancaster (Berry)

Book Baskets

May 19

·Invoices for students with lost books to Lancaster (teacher)

May 26

·Book basket carts due to library.

·Unaccounted for books replaced by classroom to Mrs. Berry.


May 23-26

·Social Studies student and teacher texts can be given away.

·Any not given away will be turned in to Mrs. Berry for disposal.

·Science will be retained as back up for digital textbook.

Mrs. Berry will collect.

·Appointments will be made by grade level to collect.

·Journeys will be collected, including all materials.

·Envisions will be collected.

·Teacher must be checked in.

If needed, they can be checked back out.

·All consumables in math and handwriting must be turned back in.

Summer Reading

May 24

·We will use the Spartanburg County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program – “On Your Mark; Get Set; Read.”

Send home the letter and reading record


May 25-26

  • iPads in 3rd-5th grade come to Media Center as is scheduled with teacher to be stored. 5th grade ipads will be checked for issues and returned to the student for the summer.

May 27 – after kids leave

  • iPads for teachers – check in and out as needed.
  • Apple TV checked in

PBIS Update

  • Please continue to give tickets.
  • Please have students write their names on the back of each ticket.
  • On Monday, May 16th, their will be a grade level bucket for students to place tickets in during lunch.
  • We will have drawing for visits to the prize box on May 20th, and the final drawing on May 26th.

A Few Safety Reminders...

1. Conduct a daily “safety scan” of your classroom each morning as you enter the room. Remove or relocate any items that may create a safety hazard.

2. Ensure the door to your room is closed and locked at all times.

3. Be aware of your surroundings as you walk. Watch for potential slip and trip hazards.

4. Ensure you have a class list with you at all times.