Lyme Disease

By: Paige Dahlstrom


Lyme disease is caused by a deer tick that feeds on blood from animals and humans. The bacterium is stored in the deer tick when it feeds on an infected animal. Then the bacterium spreads once its attached to a human. This bacterium is called, Borrelia burgdorferi.

Whats Effected and Symtoms

Once the deer tick has been on you for a while the bacterium will get into your blood stream and can affect your heart, brain, and joints. The symptoms you may get are a red bump that will soon turn into a "bulls-eye." Also you may get flu-like symptoms, that can be the chills or a fever. You may get other symptoms as well.
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If you are bitten by a tick it doesnt auto-matically mean you have Lyme disease. It all depends on what type of tick bit you, how long its been on you, and where you were when the tick attached to you. Anyone with Lyme disease will need to take antibiotics. The type of antibiotics vary depending on your age and general health. If the Lyme disease involves your central nervous system then you will need to take is Intravenous and that has side effects.
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In 2012, 19% of Lyme disease cases were reported in thirteen states. In 2004, Iowa had 49 cases, in 2005, 87 cases, 2006, 97 cases, 2007, 123 cases, 2008, 85 cases, 2009, 77 cases, 2010, 68 cases, 2011, 72 cases, 2012, 92 cases, and in 2013 there was 153 cases. last year was the year with the most reported cases.
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Similar Diseases

Some disease that are similar to Lyme disease are, Ehrichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Tick paralysis, and there are many more that are related to Lyme disease. These are related to Lyme disease because they all involve ticks. I would recommend not to get any of these. ;)
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They diagnose you based on your symptoms you are experiencing during this time, the sighs you are getting while having Lyme disease, and your health history you and your family have. They may have other ways to diagnose you for Lyme disease but these are the most used ways the doctor diagnose a patient.
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Where its Mostly Located

They say Lyme disease is mostly located in the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and the North-Central United States. It is mostly here because they have tick. Lyme disease is mostly found in this but it doesn't mean it might not be in other places too.
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How To Prevent Lyme Disease and to keep you safe

Some ways you can prevent yourself from getting Lyme disease is to Wear insect repellent wear long pants in the woods, always check yourself, family, and pets for ticks, don't assume you won't/can't get Lyme disease, and get ride of ticks right when they are found. Unfortunately they discontinued the vaccine in 2002 because it didn't prevent you for that long. say you got the shot in/before 2002, it wouldn't still be working now.

How To Safely Remove A Tick

When you remove a tick you should first get tweezers. Then grab as close as to the skin with the tweezers and pull the tick off slowly. If you don't go slow then the math might get stuck. If that happens you will need to pull the mouth out with the tweezers. Finally, you need to wash your hands with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, and iodine scrub.
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CDC and The Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

The CDC and The Lyme Disease association both are websites that warn the public about Lyme disease and tell you how to stay safe. The Lyme Disease Association has a tool kit you can get to help you stay safe and not get Lyme diseases. On their websites the talk about Lyme disease and tell you ways to prevent it and what to do if you get it. I recommend look at the websites!
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