Plane Sense

Why to call support from an F-16


A reason to call airsupport from an F-16 is because of its wide range of weapons to choose from. For instance, it has a weapon caled a multi barreled Vucan cannon that can spit thousaands of rounds a minute. "The falcon is capable of Air-to-Air combat with


Weaponry isn’t the only reason to call on an F-16 Strike Fighter. “The falcon is a light weight, speedy fighter powered by a Pratt and Whitney turbo fan engine {p.60}.” “Its 25,000lbs of thrust allows it to go 1,320mph, twice the speed of sound or supersonic {p.60}.” This plane also allows the pilot to be comfortable when making a quick turn at supersonic speeds. Allowing the F-16 to make quick turns when diving of when getting to a target allowing it to make precision strikes. Which is why the speed and agility also make the F-16 a great strike fighter to call support from.


Last but not least the F-16 has an excellent set of radar and technology. “The gun sight is part of the HUD (Head-Up-Display) mounted in front of the pilots’ face in the cockpit.{p.60}” “The HUD allows the pilot to see important information immediately without turning away {p.60.}” This is part of the awesome and modern technology on this plane. Its powerful radar appears on the HUD. “The flight control system consists of an onboard computer which senses unsteadiness in an aircraft {p.60}.” The system automatically makes adjustments. The radar and modern technology also adds to making the best strike fighter to call on.