Team Talk

January 11, 2016

Climate Survey

Revisiting the Rule 1 from The Energy Bus " You are the driver of your bus" was part of my reflection. I have accepted my responsibility for the results and will ensure that a system is in place for team members to provide feedback on our instructional feedback to foster two way-communication that enhances our leadership practice. We will examine your needs for professional development to improve your instructional practice. The +/delta results collected after each session lead us to believe that the work and structure were effective, but it is not supported by data. Additionally, specific feedback on improving leadership effectiveness will be gathered.

There seems to be some question about the direction of the school which will require individual examination. Given that we are committed to being an outstanding school of choice where students are engaged in project-based learning supported by technology that prepares them for a competitive global society our work individual and collective work will be aligned to achieve this mission. Further, there seems to be a perception that team members are not committed to ensuring students are prepared for college. It should be noted team members would not recommend our school to parents.

Each of us boarded the A. Maceo Smith New Tech bus. We took a ticket and pledged to be a solution-oriented, collaborative team, committed to maintaining a positive environment that fuels risk-taking and the pursuit of excellence in PBL.

Remember, One Team, One Dream, One New Teach. I am New Tech! That's another way of saying "I'm responsible for my bus." Our individual efforts creates our school culture. We look forward to receiving your solutions for improving our results!

Data Meeting

Based on data use research, the structure and protocols we have in place are aligned with best practice. One area in which we can improve is to spend the majority of time identifying effective strategies to address student needs.

As we begin to engage in the data meeting process, it is essential to remember that we come to the table with a solution-orientation and commitment to collaborate. Our mindset must reflect an understanding of the relationship between our instructional practice and student performance.

DeVeaux's Schedule

ILT Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 8-9am

Room 348

Mid Year Review Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 3-5pm

3030 Stag Road

Dallas, TX