Keep Movin' and Groovin' Earth!

Rotation and Revolution are Epic to Earth!

Ever wonder what would happen to us if the Earth didn't rotate or revolve?

I love the sun, but those crazy blazin' hot rays heating up the Earth all day long would be too much! Thank goodness the Earth spins like a top on its axis! That spinning motion doesn't get me sick, (in fact, we can't even feel it), but it does give me a break from the rays of the sun. As the Earth spins, it gives us both day and night. The side facing the sun is in the light so it's daylight; while the other side is facing the pitch black of space, so it's having night.

Amazingly, our awesome planet is also revolving (or going around) the sun. This not only gives us one year each time we make a lap around the sun in our orbit, but it also gives us seasons. Since Earth is tilted on its axis, if we live in an area on Earth that the tilt allows us to be closer to the sun or get more rays, we'll be warmer, so we'll be having summer. When we are located on the opposite side of the sun, we'll be located where the tilt is away from the sun; which means it will be a bit cooler, and we'll have winter. Of course it's not always one extreme of hot or cold (summer or winter) all year long. In between we also get spring and fall.

Just think, if the Earth didn't rotate, just one side of it would always get sun, or always be in darkness. Plants need light, but if it gets too much or not enough they'd wither up and die. If the Earth didn't revolve and we always stayed tilted towards the sun, we'd burn up like a marshmallow to a campfire! If we always stayed tilted away from the sun, we'd freeze up like the snow caked on trees after a blustery sleeting snow storm in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

We survive on Earth because we're at just the right distance from the sun. As Earth revolves around the sun and as it rotates on its axis, we get just the right temperature changes for our plants to survive (which is food for animals - and we eat both plants and animals). Thank goodness we also get a little protection from our blanket of air, or, our atmosphere!

Earth's Orbit Song