How Can I Help Homeless People?

By: Madie Hutton

A Simple Way To Help Homeless People

How Can I and Everyone Help?

You could help at a shelter, donate items, and you could also help at local food banks.
Pray in your community, if you give homeless people words of encouragement they will be so happy because some people just need to know that everything is okay and that there are people who care for them.
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How Many People are Homeless in the United States?

Chronically homeless means that an individual has been continuously homeless for a year or more.
"In January 2015, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the United States.

Of that number, 206,286 were people in families, and

358,422 were individuals.

About 15 percent of the homeless population - 83,170 - are considered "chronically homeless” individuals.

About 2 percent - 13,105 - are considered "chronically homeless” people in families.

About 8 percent of homeless people- 47,725 - are veterans."

Why Should You Help Homeless People?

In my personal opinion you should help homeless people because if you were homeless i would think that you would want some help. Also, sometimes it is not always that persons fault that they are homeless.


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