March News

Joseph Henry Elementary School

Month at a Glance!


  • First Grade attended a Field Trip to Proctors
  • Galway Scholars 2:30-4:30 Steaming with K'Nex and 3D Printing
  • Ski Club


  • Nano Discovery Day Grade 4 field trip 11:00-3:30 P.M.


  • Last Day for Galway Scholars 2:30-4:30 Steaming with K'Nex


  • 9th Period Support Lab Cancelled due to a mandatory faculty meeting


  • Elementary Science Fair, STEM Night, Pasta Dinner


  • Board of Education work session 6:30
  • JHE Chorus singing the National Anthem at the Adirondack Thunder hockey game 7:00P.M.


  • Opera to Go presentation for grades K-6


  • Last day for Galway Scholars 3 D Printing-grade 5 2:30-4:30 P.M.

  • Galway Scholars Spring Enrichment begins 2:30-4:30 for all classes except Contraptions-grade 5 begins April 4th


  • Progress reports go home


  • St. Patrick's Day


  • Tween Night out for students in grades 5-6 as an introduction to High School Clubs, sports and activities-RSVP required to attend


  • Good Friday-No school


  • No School for students-Superintendent's Conference Day-Staff Professional Development

Congratulations to Mr. Levin and Ms. Frisbie for being selected by NASA!

Congratulations to Ms. Frisbie and Mr. Levin for being selected as NASA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors! Ms. Frisbie and Mr. Levin have been selected to be a part of this highly selective program. This is a great honor for them and our entire district. Keep checking our web site as we will be posting more news as they begin this once in a life time opportunity! Please click the following link for more information.

Saratoga Performing Arts

Saratoga Performing Arts Center is providing our 5th and 6th graders with a dance presentation followed by an opportunity for all interested students to attend a NYC Ballet performance this year and an orchestra presentation next year. All students who attend the SPAC performances will receive a free pass for themselves as well as an adult to attend any and all ballet/orchestra SPAC performances for free, until they graduate from high school. We are very pleased to be able to partner with SPAC and afford our students this opportunity.

Mr. Barrow and Mr. Gregg will be seeking chaperones for the July 22nd event.

2nd Marking Period Academic Achievement

Academic Scholars

Grade 4

  • Declan Dunn
  • Shamus Evans
  • Jackson Flint
  • Danielle Gabri
  • Olivia Girolamo
  • Amber Kolpakas
  • Eben Perkins
  • Aidan Reekier-Mall

Academic Scholars

Grade 5

  • Van Horvath
  • Emma Jordan
  • Sydney Kress
  • Joshua Loveless

Academic Scholars

Grade 6

  • Anna Dabrowski
  • Kylee Decker
  • Isabelle Girolamo
  • Hannah King
  • Frank McCleneghen
  • Anna Meisenburg
  • Alexis Rose
  • Jack Ryan
  • Sadie Underwood
  • Samantha Webb-Horvath


High Honors

Grade 4

  • Colin Anderson
  • Alexander Bombard
  • Carson Eagan
  • Alexander Finkenbinder
  • Abigail Gullett
  • Alexis Heuser
  • Christopher Maher
  • Colette McCleneghen
  • Emma Mitchell
  • Ava-Rae Nelson
  • Kendra Peterson
  • Morgan Ryder

High Honors

Grade 5

  • Quinn Bernard
  • Grace DeNisio
  • Jayden DeVellis
  • Sophia Fasolino
  • Joannis Galarneau
  • Kailey Jankowski
  • Michael King
  • Megan LaCerais
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Grace O'Brien
  • Molly Oravsky
  • Joseph Remscheid
  • Lillian Ryder
  • Madison Smith
  • Thomas Villano III

High Honors

Grade 6

  • Brian Alden
  • Anneliese Altamirano
  • Karley Barkley
  • Nathan Baxter
  • Walter Bishop
  • Camryn Carnevali
  • Paige Cline
  • Eliza Eagan
  • Hannah French
  • Jalene Graham
  • Keira Grupe
  • Katelyn Hansen
  • Isabella Hart
  • Kaya Horvath
  • Rosie Matecko-Conti
  • Trishelle Oliver
  • Dalton Sargent
  • Logan Seburn
  • Grayson Signor
  • Emma Spadaro
  • Gavriell Wenk
  • Jordan Zuk


Honor Roll

Grade 6

  • Logan Aldrich
  • Ava D'Alessandro
  • Shanley DeRidder
  • David LaBarge
  • Michael Lancaster
  • Lily Mae Pepper
  • Ryan Peterson
  • Julia Reedy
  • Kayleigh Rose
  • Myels Shippey
  • Alexandrea Smith
  • Bryannah Sumner-Arnold
  • Olivia VanVorse

Honor Roll

Grade 5

  • Joshua Allen
  • Alaina Aschmutat
  • Shane Bilili
  • Kira Bishop
  • Brian Brink, Jr.
  • Shelby Crawford
  • Kerringtyn Davis
  • Olivia DesPres
  • Skye Fitzgerald
  • Jadon Flinton
  • Dylan Frechette
  • Connor Johnson
  • Daniel Liberatore
  • Emma Mariani
  • Sydney Mariani
  • Jillian Neahr
  • Spencer Newsom
  • Kaelin Pitman
  • Tyler Sowle
  • Samantha Teter
  • Elijah Tompkins
  • Eric Zelezniak

Honor Roll

Grade 4

  • Logan Allen
  • Clark Anuszewski
  • Casey Clarke
  • Sierra Denison
  • Christopher Keefe
  • Elise McCleneghen
  • Sarah McCray
  • Noah Montague
  • Natalie Niedhammer
  • Rachel Preville
  • Michael Renner

Honor Roll

Grade 3

  • Thomas Aldrich
  • Dylan Baxter
  • Tanner Bernard
  • Trevor Bombard
  • Kaylee Colabello
  • Sofia Davison-Gauss
  • Sadie Denison
  • Simon Evans
  • Lily Frederick
  • Nikolas Giles
  • Jackie Hatfield
  • Nika Horvath
  • McKenna Kanaby
  • Deirdre McElhinney
  • Aiden Morey
  • Maria Patterson
  • Hailey Reome
  • Jacob Ramsey
  • Kiernan Seburn
  • Anna Spadero
  • Chloe Zembsch

Honor Roll

Grade 2

  • Jakub Bickford
  • Liam Carmel
  • Jinae Clizbe
  • Victoria Duma
  • Kara Ferguson
  • Taylor Garrison
  • Madison Hoyt
  • Lilly-Ann Jessop
  • Thomas LaMoy Jr
  • Carter Larson
  • Chase Maher
  • Eibhleann McElhinney
  • Elijah Montague
  • Marleigh Morse
  • Peregrine Perkins
  • Kameron Relyea
  • Chase Ruggiero
  • Jeffrey Schaperjahn
  • Max Sicard
  • Cassandra TenEyck
  • Benjamin Tompkins
  • Daniella Villano
  • Lillian Yurkewecz

Honor Roll

First Grade

  • Eva Anderson
  • William Anuszewski
  • Otter Dannible
  • Olivia Davison-Gauss
  • Kaitlyn DelSavio
  • Oisin Dunn
  • Grayson Eagan
  • Hayden Fonda
  • Kennedy Hampson
  • Matthew Jones
  • Amelia Jordan
  • Leah Kowalski
  • Desirae Laclair
  • Mia Lancaster
  • Jane Lapati
  • Brody Paterek
  • Mya Persaud
  • Anthony Podrazik
  • Carson Quay
  • Cooper Scott
  • Brayden Sheft
  • Courtney Smith
  • Abigail Symonds
  • Annastasia Watson
  • Kolt Wojtowecz
  • Jadyn Yerdon

Honor Roll


  • Kiera Allen
  • Nevaeh Duong
  • Aurora GrimmWescott
  • Ava Larson
  • Carson Maynard
  • Mikaela Meilunas
  • Emma Menge
  • Elizabeth Sheets
  • Brinlee Turner
  • Bree Walcott

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten wrapped up the Native American unit with a special day in which the students rotated through each kindergarten classroom to do different activities. The students created Native American headdresses (Gustowah), dream catchers (displayed in our halls) and baked corn bread. The students also examined some artifacts including arrowheads, tools, drums and sharpening stones.
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Each month we will feature book reviews from our very own JHE book critics. We hope you find these reviews helpful when selecting books for your children to read. We encourage all parents to log into STAR by using the link below and use your child's Lexile score to find books appropriate to your child's reading level.

Jadon Flinton, Grade 5 - Mrs. Kempf/enrichment class

Title: The Whipping Boy

Author: Sid Fleischmann

Publisher: Scholastic Inc

Date published: 1936

Pages: 90


Word Count 13280

ATOS Level: 3.9

I am a fifth grader at JHE. I loved this book! One thing the author could have done to make the book even better is lengthen the chapters. Each chapter is about three to four pages long. If each chapter were about ten pages long I would have really enjoyed the book. Making the chapters longer would allow more of a chance to go further in depth in the chapter instead of reading a little bit and then going to a new chapter. The book is about a prince known as Prince Brat and a whipping boy named Jemmy. Jemmy is the son of a rat catcher. He was plucked off the streets by guards to serve as the royal whipping boy. Jemmy and Prince Brat go on an adventure when Prince Brat makes Jemmy run away from the castle with him. They get captured by two guys named Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater. They meet a potato man named Captain Nips, a woman named Betsy, a bear named Petunia, a person named the cow lady, a friend of Jemmy's named Smudge, and a rat catcher named Johnny Tosher. One thing the author could have done is go deeper into the relationship between Jemmy and Smudge. The author only shared that they were friends before Jemmy was taken to serve as the royal whipping boy. The author could have explained how Jemmy and Smudge met. I would recommend this book to others. I would recommend it to third-fifth graders. I would give the book a score of 9 out of 10 because of the length of the chapters.

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Quinn Bernard, Grade 5 - Mrs. Kempf/enrichment class

Title: Reality Respawns-Worlds Collide

Author: Mitchell Hughes and Ken Taverner

Publisher: Blackshore Publishing

Date published: 2015

Pages: 213


ATOS Level: 4.8

Have you ever wanted to be in a video game? Meet Mike, Myles, Katie, and Jenn. When these four friends find a box in the river, Mike opens it with a screwdriver and sends them to a video game. It's not all fun and games there because this video game and the real world mix.

Mike, Myles, Katie, and Jenn must find help from the legendary Benja and to get back to the real world, they must find the Adjunct Professor and help him fix the Kernelator to send them home and restore reality.

My favorite part is when they first meet Benja:

"She [Jenn] started waving at the person in the distance who seemed to be leaping or Parkouring from ice geyser to ice geyser with ease. The fellow looked like a character I had seen in many YouTube videos. I knew instantly who this was. You could not miss his classic outfit with the red checkered hoody, sandy brown hair and smiling face.

"OMG-It's it is! Benja! I mean The Benja!"Katie squealed. She also started waving and hopping up and down to get his attention."(Reality Respawns Worlds Collide, Mitchell Hughes, p.79)

This is my favorite part because Katie goes all fangirl and freaks out when she sees Benja. Everyone else is calm.

Reality Respawns is one of my favorite books because it is a funny and pulled me in. The chapter art is amazing and drawn by Kassandra Taverner.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy books in grades 4-6.

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Click here for a book at your child's reading level

Click on the link. Enter your child's Lexile score (found on your child's parent report in STAR) and search by inserting personal preferences regarding your child's interests.

Oreo's Adventure Continued.....

Over February break 1st grader William Anusewski from Ms. Frisbieā€™s class took Oreo on a trip to California. On the airplane ride to California, Will let Oreo look out the window of the plane. While Will and Oreo were in California they visited Alcatraz. They took a train and then got on a boat to get to Alcatraz. Will said that he and Oreo enjoyed listening to all of the fun facts and history about Alcatraz. Will and Oreo also went hiking. They had an excellent time in California.

2016-2017 Schedules

The staff at JHE is busy creating the 2016-17 schedule. We would like to continue offering departmentalized schedules in grades 4-6, Spanish in grades 6, increased enrichment opportunities, 9th period support lab, academic support to those who qualify, PLTW as a special area rotation, 6 day rotation schedule, recess/lunch blocks, more time in the classroom, less pull-outs, an articulated, consistent grade level curriculum and grading practice, Galway Scholars, increased standard based grading and a more informative, personalized report card. Please email with any suggestions for the 2016-17 schedule.