A New Constitution

Why It Should Be Welcomed

Current Problems

We are all well aware that life under the Articles of Confederation has hardly been peaceful. Anarchy has been running rampant through The States. States are taxing without just cause, others are on the verge of war not even 10 years after our triumph over Britain. What we need now is a strong central government, not one leader perhaps, but a set of people too represent us and make laws on our behalf, so that some sort of order can be restored.

The Plan

What our founders have in mind is a system involving three branches. Among these branches include a legislative branch, a executive branch, and a judicial branch. The legislative branch consists of Congress: a bicameral system, in which there are two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives, both together are responsible for making laws. The Senate includes representatives based on the premise that all states get the same amount irregardless of population, which the the House of Representatives determines the number of representatives you will have based on population so that voting is fair. The executive branch consists of the President, commander and chief of our country, his second hand man the Vice President who takes over if the President is unable to for any reason. Finally in the executive branch is the Cabinet, a group of people nominated by the president and chosen by the by the Senate with a majority vote. The executive branch carries out the laws and enforces them. The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court, who are a group of 9 justices again nominated by the President and chosen by the senate with a majority vote. All other federal courts fall under the judicial branch.

Checks and Balances

The above three branches were created in order to distribute power in a way to ensure that no branches become too powerful. This system called 'checks and balances' basically makes it so that no branch can do anything without the other two branches signing off on it. It makes it hard to create laws, which can be a good and bad thing because people are incredibly opinionated and if you are trying to get a law passed that may not be so good, but in terms of the people it effects, it serves as a good precautionary measure.

Long Term

This document was never meant to be set in stone. The Constitution can always be revised and changed according to need. Per-say, if we end up needing a Bill of Rights, they can be added. That's why this plan is such a good idea because unlike the Articles, this document is made for long term because we know that in the future, just as it was in the past, concerns and problems will not be the same as they are now. It changes to fit circumstance, which is what is so great about it! This is so that the American people will never be left hanging in crisis as we are now.