Social Constructivist Websites

What Are Some Useful Resources?

Social Constructivist Pedagogy - What Does That Mean?

The theory of knowledge that groups "construct" knowledge together with shared meaning, shared culture, and shared products.

Constructivism is basically people make their own knowledge. We learn best by doing, not being passive recipients. Many classrooms have moved away from lecture centered to student centered. Think of it as crown sourcing in an intimate setting.
Constructivist Learning

Association for Constructivist Teaching

Where better to start but with a professional organization dedicated to constructivism? As with most associations you can access a variety of resources including a blog, attend or present at conferences, subscribe and publish to the association's journal (also an e-journal). If you like, become a member.

Thirteen Ed Online

Channel 13, synonymous with education (Sesame Street!) has an online course one can take to work their way through social constructivism from definition to application. It has fully developed connections to the classroom, expert interviews (videos) and interactive activities. It is a robust site with enough information to get you on the road to expertise. One can get professional development credit for taking this course.

Social Constructivism Down Under

I really like this website - thanks Aussies! This website is generalist, besides giving (yet again, you'll be an expert soon) definitions of constructivism and links, it also contrasts constructivism with other throes of learning such as objectivism (objectivism does have its place in education, we just don't touch on that here). You will also be lead to a bunch of links that help you to create social constructivist activities, and who doesn't like to "steal" ideas? Still not sure about this constructivist stuff? This website links you to case studies that may change your mind.

Social Constructivism & History Class

This website links constructivism with teaching history. It gives some examples of how to do this (modeling, hmmm sounds like constructivist teaching there) and several links to more resources. It informs as to what standards (in California) constructivist teaching addresses, though it does not link to the Common Core (state standards are often not that difficult to align with the CC). It also lists academic publication for further edification.

Social Constructivism and Mathematics

This website gives a plethora of resources geared towards those who teach mathematics. They are a variety of links that cover practical and applicable uses in the classroom, as well as the more academic writings. If one cannot find what they need on that page, there is a link to a further library of resources.