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There are many tasks for an accountant. One is Prepare,examine,or analyze accounting records,financial statements,or other financial reports to asses accuracy, completness, and conformate to reporting and procedural standards. Another is compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns. Another is report to managment regarding the finances of establishment. Also you must maintain or examine the records of government agencies. My last is you establish tables of accounts and assign entries to accounts.

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed"

-Michael Jordan

Working Conditions


There are some main working conditions for accountants. One is you are mostly in an Office. Some times you can work at home depending on where you are employed. You may travel a little. Also in most cases you work a 40 hour week. There are long hours during tax season.

What is Required


Most accountants have a 4 year degree. Every accountant must pass the CPA exam.


In Colorado a certified accountant makes between about 40,000 and 115,000 a year.

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