by Alice Walker

Poem Paraphrase

This poem is about how powerful women can be. How hard working they can be. The sacrifices they have to make. "How they led armies".

Alice Walker Quote

My mother had bought a sewing machine for me. When I went away to college, she gave me a sewing machine, a typewriter and a suitcase, and my mother made $17 a week working as a maid 12 hours a day, and she did that for me. Alice Walker

Personal Reaction

My personal reaction was that it sent a good message. It was saying how powerful women can be. "How they led armies" they can be as powerful as men. "With fists as well as hands" we use our hands for many things. "A place for us" moms will always have a place for us.


The theme is how powerful women can really be."How they knew what we must know without knowing a page of it themselves.

Poetic Elements

One poetic element is a Simile. Another is a metaphor.Also tone.