Cell Analogy Project

Advanced Biology

The Task:

To demonstrate your understanding of how cells and their organelles work, create an analogy linking cells to an everyday object, location, or system. A great way to start this is to think of something that has multiple parts that function as a whole, just like a cell. In your textbook, a cell is compared to a factory and each organelle is part of the factory. See chapter 7-2 if you want to see this example.

Your task is to create an analogy for a cell that is NOT a factory. You must use at least 12 organelles in your analogy. The product of this project will be your choice but should be one of the following:

  • A Google Drawing (Digital poster) using pictures and text to explain your analogy
  • Adobe Spark video https://spark.adobe.com/
  • Easelly infographic using pictures and text to explain your analogy
  • Song/Rap with musical or beat track and performance (live or recorded), lyrics detailing the analogy

But... what should it look like?

End result:

  • Your product should include a central analogy (the thing you are comparing the cell to) and all parts should be related to that analogy.
  • Parts of the whole should be represented individually. For example, each organelle should have its own picture, video segment, verse, etc.
  • All comparisons are explained. Ex: A cell is like a factory BECAUSE...
  • At least 12 organelles should be used in your comparison, thoroughly explained with a detailed description of the organelle's function and why it is like the thing you are comparing it to..
  • Your product should be a cohesive comparison, not unrelated analogies. (Ex: if you used a factory to compare, each organelle should be a working part of that factory, not a part of a different entity like a house)

See the rubric for specific grading information.

View the poster example below in a larger size: http://goo.gl/m2bxSJ

Turning it in!

1. TITLE your project with your names and period

2. share it with me (link, email, etc.)

This is due at the End of next class

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Charlie and the Cell Factory