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How Creativity Works :: A Poetic Exploration

I've never been pregnant in the traditional sense but I've birthed out plenty of ideas and projects. I understand how the seeds of creativity get planted, how its process functions (see the creative process chart I designed -->) and find it fascinating that most of what evolves and is produced in the end seems mostly out of my hands as if it was molded and fashioned behind the scenes.

Once an idea is seeded, my main role is to just take care. Take care of me, the basics – feed, water, walk, sleep just enough to handle the tasks associated with maintaining the project being incubated. Tasks and efforts involved vary and are based on what stage of the creative process I'm engaged in. And, for the most part, the key piece is adaptability. This means to show up fully (what I learned from my career in theater) with a YES/AND attitude. It works like this. Approach any situation with a positive mind frame of YES, this is ___ AND I can creatively raise and add something to make it worthy; an even more interesting and empowering approach to fostering a solution.

I can't be totally set on one path of thinking because the movement/project/idea isn't fully birthed yet, the unexpected could happen at any moment. I must be on my toes to shape-shift and take hold or take action as necessary, specifically if I sense adjustment could improve the outcome and the survival of the concept. My role is to play an active part of what's being birthed simply by permitting creativity to flow.

In addition, when birthing an idea,
I sense I am not alone. It's like I'm on a boat in a rising and falling sea being moved to and fro, fed as needed by what's around me. The answers and resources are closer than I imagine.

I feel this now with the quickly changing world around me. It's as if I'm a part of a vast human birthing project. I sense deeply there is something new that's been seeded and is being developed behind the scenes and my job is to take care, be adaptable, make no assumptions. Because the unexpected could happen and I may be witness to the birth or the transformation of something truly extraordinary.

“It is when we act freely, for the sake of the action itself rather than for ulterior motives, that we learn to become more than what we were.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow
  • Where is your edge? What does this mean to you? What about on a larger scale? Practice YES/AND with a personal/professional/global problem. What shows up?
  • Where can you expand and collaborate?
  • What stage of creativity intrigues you the most? Go there, spend some time.

I choose, no matter what fear or upset may reside deep inside when things don't go as I quite desire is to remain hopeful. To breathe space when it is needed and to take action when called for. To assess, to take measure, and not pass nor hold judgment, for this too can be limiting and tip the scales against creativity. To be fluid, not wishy-washy, for even water in vast amounts will drown the largest city. To expand and expose via collaboration and most importantly, to be honestly present to what is; a big unexpected wild unfolding. Creativity resides at the edge of chaos. Just like you, I get to be an intricate part of every step of the way.

For when the moment comes when the movement, project or idea is fully "out", it is still never, ever, fully finished. It- like me, is just in another phase of brilliant creativity in motion. And that- to me, is hope and the full expression of creativity; a process that never ends and is one that I am all at once- witness, product and producer.

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